Winbond Electronics Corporation Announces Financial Results For The First Half Year of 2004

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the audited financial results for the second quarter of 2004. Net sales totaled NT$ 9.124 billion, income after tax totaled NT$ 1.795 billion and net income per share was NT$ 0.42. This represents a 14% increase versus the first quarter of fiscal 2004, when the Company reported net sales of NT$ 7.98 billion. Income after tax was NT$1.795 billion, an increase of 171 % when compared to that of 662 million over last quarter. The accumulated revenue of January to June 2004 totaled approximately NT $17.104 billion, income after tax was NT $ 2.456 billion, and net income per share was NT$ 0.58. 

By implementing competitive pricing strategies, effective cost control and product mix adjustments on Logic products; the Company's operating profit continues to increase. In terms of DRAM products, DRAM sales went up by 16% due to increase in Specialty DRAM and PSRAM shipments. Due to the tight 6 inches fab capacity issues, the revenue for low-density NOR-type Flash was down by 14%. Logic revenues increased by 18% over last quarter, thanks to the sales increase amongst all Logic product lines. In terms of revenue in the second quarter, the product breakdown was as follows: Commodity DRAMs 4%, Pseudo SRAM and Specialty DRAMs 62%, Non-DRAM Memory 6%, and Logic Products comprised 28%.

In terms of Logic products, Consumer products, Motherboard & Flat Panel, Network Related Products and Others accounted for 55%, 38%, 7% of logic revenues, respectively. Speech ICs entered its peak season and ended up with fairly increase in revenue over last quarter. The I/O ICs for motherboards continued to expand market share, beating generally unfavorable seasonality. Shipment of LCD driver ICs in 2Q increased when compared to 1Q.In terms of product applications, the sales percentage of consumer-related products has grown rapidly. The further growth PSRAM shipments led to a rise of Communication segmentĄŚs share of total sales in 2Q compared to 1Q. Looking forward to the third season, Logic products are expected to have the same performance as 1Q. PSRAM and Specialty DRAMs will return to normal shipment after customers adjust the inventory to a more desirable level in the third quarter.

    Wilson Wen
    Vice President of Administrative Center

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