Winbond Electronics Corporation Completes NT$ 8 Billion Five-Year Syndicated Loan Agreement with Bank of Taiwan - Total 23 Banks

(Taipei News ) In order to meet the mid and long term capital demands from the sustained operational growth and the construction of the 12-inch fab, Winbond Electronics Corporation today signed a five-year syndicated loan agreement in the amount of NT$ 8 billion at the Formosa Regent Hotel. Mr. Arthur Y.C. Chiao, Chairman of Winbond, Mr. Sheng-Yann Lii, President of the Bank of Taiwan and Mr. Y.C. Chao, President of First Financial Holding Co., participated in the signing ceremony.

Bank of Taiwan and First Commercial Bank initiated the loan and 21 other banks participated. Chinatrust Commercial Bank and Taishin Bank are also key arrangers of the loan. The loan solicitation was met with much enthusiasm as subscription exceeded 100%, with the facility amount raised to NT$8 billion from its original NT$5 billion.

In November 2002, Winbond repositioned itself to focus on developing and providing solutions to the mobile electronics market, all the while using its R&D expertise to maintain its competitive advantage in Logic Products. In a few short years, Winbond has already reaped significant rewards. Winbond maintains a positive outlook for the future of the telecommunications industry and engaged in the production and sale for middle and high density NOR Flash products. Therefore, as a Mobile Electronics Solution provider, Winbond aims to be at the forefront of the mobile electronics solutions market. In terms of process technology advancement, Winbond and Infineon Technology AG signed a joint agreement to transfer the 0.09-micron process technology. The advanced process technology will be employed to manufacture in the 12-inch fab to be built in the Central Taiwan Science Park. The collaboration of the two companies' process technology transfer will aid to increase production capacity, decrease production cost, and allow Winbond to gain a competitive advantage.

The capital acquired from this syndicated loan will be used towards the investment plan of the 12-inch fab in the Central Taiwan Science Park. The enthusiasm received from the financial institutions also reinforces their support to Winbond.


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