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(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced that it has invested in Emerging Memory & Logic Solution, Inc. (EMLSI), a Korean company, via its overseas subsidiary and received one seat on EMLSI's Board of Directors. The investment amounted to US$15.7 million, which equals to NT$510 million. Winbond's investment in EMLSI essentially aims at the complementary synergy between product design and customer base.

EMLSI is a fabless company specialized in mobile memory solutions. EMLSI was founded in 2000 and became public in 2005 in KOSDAQ. EMLSI has head quarters in Jeju, Korea. EMLSI has recently established EMLS America, Inc., a 100% owned US subsidiary design center in San Jose, CA, USA. EMLSI produces mobile memories including pseudo SRAM and low power SDRAM. The company also devotes itself to CMOS Image Sensor development.

Winbond currently provides manufacturing service for EMLSI, therefore, both companies have built a close partnership over the years. EMLSI has been serving a solid role in the global handsets industry chain. With Winbond's dedicated collaboration with EMLSI in the supply chain, this investment is expected to create a win-win opportunity for both companies.

Moreover, with EMLSI's strong ability of product design, the coopetition between both companies on Memory product design will lead to a more comprehensive spectrum in product design and total solutions to customers. The investment will reinforce the cooperation of both companies, and strengthen Winbond's capability in product design and furthermore expend Winbond's strategic advantage in the Mobile RAM market.

Winbond is very confident in EMLSI's development potential. In the future, Winbond will continuously strengthen its research and development capabilities in Mobile RAM products in order to consolidate its competitiveness in the market. This investment is expected to expand market share for both companies, and provide more complete product solutions to customers.

About Winbond
Winbond Electronics Corporation, a world-class leading supplier of IC product solutions, was founded in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan in 1987. The Company has excellent capacity in product design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales services.

Winbond owns two business groups - Logic IC Business Group and Memory IC Business Group. Logic IC Business Group focuses on two specific sectors including μc-based consumer ICs and computer logic ICs. Memory IC Business Group is dedicated in Mobile RAM and Flash memory. It covers major products in the field of low power DRAM, Specialty DRAM, Pseudo SRAM, Commodity DRAM, and low-density Flash etc.

Winbond operates one 300mm wafer fab, two 200mm wafer fabs and one 150mm wafer fab. The company currently employs over 5,000 people and holds more than 2,500 patents worldwide. Winbond also has subsidiaries located in Mainland China, America, Japan and Israel.

EMLSI (Emerging Memory and Logic Solutions Incorporated) is a Korean Corporation founded in April, 2000 in Seoul, Korea. The shares of EMLSI are publicly traded in the KOSDAQ since February, 2005. EMLSI transferred the main office from Seoul to Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea on January, 2005. EMLSI has a 100% owned US subsidiary, a design center, in San Jose, California, USA, which will provide design service to EMLSI and strategic customers of EMLSI and will also serve as a technical communication hub to the Silicon Valley based customers and alliances.

EMLSI has 69 employees in head quarter office in Jeju-do, Korea. Among them 48 employees are engineers and their median years-of-experience in the semiconductor field is 11 years. Moreover, EMLSAI has total 7 semiconductor memory design engineers and the human resources will be reinforced as business expands.

EMLSI is a fabless semiconductor firm that designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductor components for mobile communication electronics. EMLSI manufactures products through semiconductor foundries in Korea, Taiwan and China.

EMLSI produces such products as SRAM(Static Random Access Memory), PSRAM(Pseudo SRAM), and DRAM(Dynamic Random Access Memory). The latest data form isuppli recognized EMLSI as the 8th largest supplier in SRAM/PSRAM area. Considering fabless companies alone, EMLSI makes the world number one supplier.

EMLSI will expand the product line to sync PSRAM and mobile DRAM area in order to gain further growth momentum. EMLSI is developing PSRAM and low power DRAM products targeting for the market of year 2007 and 2008. In the near future, EMLSI's main products will be 32Mb synchronous PSRAM, 64Mb synchronous PSRAM, 8Mb address/data multiplexed PSRAM, 128Mb synchronous DDR DRAM, 128Mb synchronous SDR DRAM, and 256Mb synchronous DDR DRAM.  

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