Winbond Announces the Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2007

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation held its Board of Directors meeting today on April 27, 2007. The company has approved the audited financial statements for the first quarter of 2007. Net sales totaled NT$9.498 billion, compared to NT$6.206 billion in the same period last year which represents a 53% increase. Gross profit was NT$2.189 billion. Net income after tax was NT$358 million and earning per share was NT$0.1.
Due to the seasonal effect, both handset and PC shipments of the first quarter had declined from the fourth quarter of 2006. However, in comparison with the same quarter from the previous year, the shipment of handsets grew slightly because of the continuous growth in demand on the handsets in the emerging market and the raising demand of replacement in the mature market. The sales of notebook computer also performed better than expected in the typical slow season.

In the Logic Products, the first quarter performance of the Computer Logic ICs appeared as projected; the demand of MB I/O had slightly increased, although the shipment of PC was not influenced significantly by the launch of Vista. The demands for the Consumer ICs appeared to be steady during the slow season. In terms of Memory Products, the demands for Mobile RAM have gradually recovered during the first quarter. Also, the shipment of Specialty DRAM has achieved significant growth with majority of growth in the high density products. Nonetheless, the slight decrease in overall revenue was influenced by the falling price of Commodity DRAM.

To expand the production capability and enhance the competitiveness, we have scheduled the technology process conversion. The 80nm production migration has entered the pilot run in 300mm fab. The 300mm fab expansion plan has started as well. The new capability is expected to enter mass production in the mid of 2008.

In the future, Winbond will gradually transfer the Specialty DRAM products from 200mm fab to 300mm fab.  Meantime, while the consumer products are approaching the traditional peak season, it is anticipated that the demand will be thriving in the market. Winbond will focus on the development of new product and improvement of product design.

    Wilson Wen
    Vice President of Administrative Center

News Liaison
    Mike Liu
    Deputy Director

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