Winbond Announces Monthly Revenue for May

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced the revenue results for the month of May 2007. Revenue for the month was NT$ 2.34 billion, a decrease of approximately 12.34 percent when compared with NT$ 2.67 billion in the previous month. Accumulated revenue for January to May of 2007 was NT$ 14.508 billion, an increase of nearly 29.89 percent when compared with NT$ 11.169 billion over the same period in 2006.

The Logic products had a steady performance this month. Among the key product lines, Speech ICs shipments increased continuously because of the peak season effect. Although, the production of Mother Board related ICs had slightly declined from last month, it is expected that the market demand will grow gradually in June, a peak season. Besides, due to the golden vacation week, the foundries in China were requested to advance the shipment of Embedded Controllers for notebook up to April which had impacted the sales. In terms of Memory products, the demands of Specialty DRAM and Mobile DRAM, both raised steadily. However, the average selling price (ASP)of Commodity DRAM had dropped further which had negative effect on the overall revenue of this month.

The PC market will enter its traditional high season in the second half of this year. It is anticipated that the Logic products will reflect the seasonal demand and grow continually. It is also expected that the Logic products will bring in profits to reduce the impact on the company’s performance from the Memory’s price fluctuations.

                                                           Winbond Electronics Corp. Monthly Business Revenue Report (Unit: NT$ 1,000) 

Monthly Revenue
Accumulated Revenue
 2007 May 2,340,440  2007 Jan. ~ May  14,508,230
 2007 April 2,669,968  2006 Jan. ~ May 11,169,720
Increase (Decrease) (12.34)% Increase (Decrease) 29.89%

Note: The 2007 revenue is internal data and has not been audited by a CPA.

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