Winbond Announces Monthly Revenue for January

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced the revenue results for the month of January, 2008. Revenue for the month was NT$ 2.585 billion. Deducting the sale of 200mm materials and assemblies of NT$0.322 billion, the total IC sales revenue was NT$2.263 billion and an increase of approximately 18.46 percent when compared with NT$ 1.911 billion in the previous month.

In terms of Logic products, the revenue of each product lines such as Motherboard Related IC and Speech IC increased because of the early order by customers before Chinese New Year holidays. In spite of the low season effect of consumer and computer products, the overall revenue of Logic products grew. In terms of the Memory products, the DRAM price recovered and eased the influence on the revenue. Serial Flash also performed well. The overall memory revenue increased.

As a whole, due to the Chinese New Year holidays and fewer working days in February, the market demand will decrease slightly and affect the revenue performance of next month. Now, the DRAM price has stopped dropping and staged a sustainable recovery. The advanced technology transforming of Winbond’s 300mm wafer fab is proceeding smoothly. Moreover, the producing ratio of Winbond’s own brand-name products will progressively increase in the further. These are expected to benefit the overall revenue.
                                                   Winbond Electronics Corp. Monthly Business Revenue Report (Unit: NT$ 1,000) 

Monthly Revenue
 2008 January* 2,585,381
 2007 December 1,911,039
Increase (Decrease) 35.29%

Note1:The revenue includes the sale of 200mm materials and assemblies which is about NT$0.322 billion.
Note2: The 2008 revenue is internal data and has not been audited by a CPA.

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