Winbond Electronics Corporation Signed a NT$ 7.7 Billion Syndicated Loan Agreement with 11 Domestic Banks

For the expansion plan and the technology upgrade of the 300mm wafer fab in the Central Taiwan Science Park, Winbond Electronics Corporation today (4) announced that it has signed a NT$ 7.7 billion five-year syndicated loan agreement. The signing ceremony was hosted today by Mr. Arthur Y.C. Chiao, Chairman of Winbond and Mr. James, Chen, President of Chinatrust Commercial Bank at Westin Hotel Taipei.

The syndicated loan was led by Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Ta Chong Bank, China Development Industrial Bank, Taishin International Bank, EnTie Commercial Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank, First Commercial Bank, and consisted of other four financial institutions, all of which are with excellent operation performance. The enthusiasm received from the financial institutions this time also represents their highly support to Winbond’s well credit rating and bright future.

Winbond’s 300mm wafer fab located in central Taiwan Science Park has reached the 31,000 wafers capacity per month and continued to upgrade the technology.  A mass production of 70nm technology planned in the middle of 2008 will further enhance Winbond’s overall competitiveness.

The capital acquired from this syndicated loan will be used to finance the technology upgrade of Winbond’s 300mm wafer fab in the Central Taiwan Science Park, which will make the fab expansion plan more smoothly. Moreover, Winbond will continue to aim for developing new products with its competitive advantage, acting as the driving force for the whole performance.


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    Vice President of Administrative Center

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