Winbond Announces the Appointment of Ms. Jessica Chiou-Jii Huang as CFO

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Mar.27, 2015- Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced that the board meeting passed a personnel proposal and appointed Ms. Jessica Chiou-Jii Huang as Vice President and CFO due to the retirement of current CFO and Spokesperson, Mr. James Wen. Ms. Huang will also be the Spokesperson. This personnel change will be effective on April 01.
Mr. James Wen joined Winbond as CFO in 2004. With his expertise, Winbond’s finance structure keeps improving during the period of transforming into a major supplier of specialty memory. He has been highly regarded by the management team and colleagues with his contributions and leadership at the Financial Center.
The newly-appointed CFO, Jessica Chiou Jii Huang received a Master degree in Business Administration from Indiana University, USA and served as Vice President at various international banks. She joined Winbond at the end of 2002 as the director of Finance Division, responsible for company finance planning and management until present. Winbond believes that Ms. Huang’s experiences in financial field will lead the Company's Finance and Accounting Teams towards a new milestone.

Corporate Spokesperson
James  Wen
Finance Center  Vice President
TEL: 886-3-5678168

News Liaison
Mandy  Wang
Investor Relationship Dept.
TEL: 886-3-5678168 #81477

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