Winbond Publishes Its First TCFD Report

Winbond released the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) for the first time, demonstrating its commitment to climate action. The report evaluates and addresses climate-related risks and opportunities, conveying Winbond's determination to support the sustainable development of enterprises and society, while transparently disclosing related information.


Winbond is well aware that climate change has a critical and long-term impact on global economic and social development. Therefore, the company actively responds to the challenges and opportunities brought about by climate change. In 2021, Winbond introduced the climate-related financial disclosure management framework, officially incorporating this issue into its business planning and risk management. Since 2022, in addition to continuous of green investment in products and technologies innovation, Winbond has joined the Taiwan Climate Partnership and held supplier ESG exchanges. Through industry influence and practical actions, Winbond aims to collaborate with business partners to reduce carbon emissions and achieve sustainable corporate value.


Winbond is committed to implementing sustainable development and achieving net-zero emissions. In addition to focusing on international standards and technological advancements, Winbond takes concrete actions in its transition to net-zero emissions. In 2022, the company invested in the Jia-Ho Green Energy Corporation, whose main business is to develop solar energy fields. In May 2023, the board of directors approved the expansion of the use of renewable energy, planning to gradually increase the proportion of renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and steadily progress toward its 2050 net-zero emissions target.


Moving forward, Winbond will continue to monitor climate-related management metrics to strengthen the company's resilience. It aspires to pursue corporate growth while caring for the environment and society, realizing its vision as the " be a hidden champion in providing sustainable semiconductors to enrich human life”

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