“Large leads small!” Major manufacturers help smaller enterprises in the supply chain to achieve their carbon reduction goals.Winbond has become the first company in the semiconductor industry to obtain the full subsidy from IDB.

Winbond Electronics announced today (31st) that it, along with 13 professional semiconductor suppliers, jointly received the subsidies from Industrial Development Bureau's (IDB) "Large companies leading smaller businesses in the supply chain for  low carbon and smart transformation project." Winbond is the first Semiconductor manufacturer to receive a full subsidy of NT$30 million. Winbond launches its low-carbon supply chain sustainability project, integrating the resources from IDB and Institute for Information Industry, to collaborate with suppliers for promoting carbon reduction and building consensus on low-carbon transformation. For the supply chain to benefit from carbon reduction, Winbond implements three main projects which are the "GHG inventory", " Energy and water conservation", and "Fluorinated gas emission reduction" with a total investment exceeding NT$200 million.

IDB stated that, to move towards the "2050 net zero transformation goal", the Ministry of Economic Affairs promotes the upgrading and transformation of industries and small- to medium-sized enterprises, hoping to strengthen the economic resilience and competitiveness of enterprises. In 2023, IDB integrates resources from various government departments and invites major manufactories and their suppliers apply for the “low carbon and smart transformation project” which provides "1+10 Low-Carbon Subsidy" and "1+4 Smart Subsidy" programs. Winbond and 13 supply chain companies applied for "1+10 Low-Carbon Subsidy" program. The application was reviewed and approved by the experts and scholars from IDB. It is expected to complete the implementation of the program within 2 years. The subsidies received will assist the industry and achieve low-carbon transformation.

To combat climate change, carbon reduction in manufacturing process is the first priority. Winbond has partnered with 13 companies including Powertech Technology Inc., Greatek Electronics Inc., Probe Test System Corp., Lingsen Precision Industries, Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc., Dupont, Resonac, Wonik Quartz Taiean Co., LTD., United Industrial Gases Co., LTD., Hsing Mien Industry CO., LTD., Edwards, Taiwan Puritic Corp. and Mega Union Technology Inc to investment more than NT$200 million on executing three work plans: “reduction of GHG emission from factory process’, "factory energy and water conservation measures", and "promotion of supply chain GHG inventory and hotspot analysis." During the promotion of the two-year long Low-Carbon project, there will be gradual increase in their carbon reduction efforts. It is anticipated that, by 2025, about 5,600 metric tons of CO2 equivalent may be reduced every year, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestration capacity of 14 Daan Forest Parks annually.

Winbond wishes, by implementing the low-carbon transformation project, to not only optimize the climate change management, but also actively promote a green and low-carbon supply chain which drives the development and innovation of energy efficiency technologies among relevant supply chain players. All parties work together to achieve "net zero carbon emissions by 2050."


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