Walsin Lihwa donates to TVGH for acquisition of advanced medical equipment to benefit patients

Taipei, November 8, 2019 -- The Walsin Lihwa Group today signed contract for future donation of NT$50 million to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) for acquiring heavy particle cancer treatment equipment as well as other advanced equipment and instruments. The donation ceremony took place at 10:00 a.m. today at the TVGH, where Arthur Yu-cheng Chiao, Chairman of Winbond Electronics; Yu-lon Chiao, Chairman of Walsin Lihwa; Yu-heng Chiao, Chairman of Walsin Technology; and Yu-chi Chiao, Chairman of HannStar Display presented the donation on behalf of the group to Deh-ming Chang, Superintendent of the TVGH.

“We are grateful to Walsin Lihwa for the group’s commitment to social welfare, in particular, its long-term aid to the poor and underprivileged, education for children, as well as its attention to environmental issues and care for seniors,” said Deh-ming Chang. “Our hospital, thanks to Walsin Lihwa’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, will make good use of the donation to acquire the best and most-up-to-date equipment and instruments that can deliver the highest quality of medical service in return for the great support provided by Walsin Lihwa among others.” “Walsin Lihwa is known for its long-term presence in the area of social welfare, including medical service quality enhancement for the benefit of patients.” said Arthur Yu-cheng Chiao. “This time our NT$50 million donation to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital to help acquire heavy particle cancer treatment equipment as well as other advanced equipment and instruments is intended to develop synergies from the commitment to social welfare at the Walsin Lihwa group by setting ourselves as an example to encourage many others to join us in enhancing medical service quality for the people in Taiwan.”

To entitle patients to the best medical service quality, the TVGH has been pursuing internationalization over the past several years, developing the latest radiotherapies and precision medicine by R&D investment in eHealth for tumor diagnosis and treatment. The hospital has also brought in Taiwan’s first ever heavy particle radiotherapy system to work with its scan radiation and dynamic tracing technologies, so that the precision of diagnosis and treatment can be further enhanced by staying on top of the movement of the organs that shift along with respiration and by support of tumor shapes radiation. The heavy particle radiotherapy system implementation and testing will commence when construction of the hospital’s new medical center is completed in June 2020 to timely provide advanced treatment to cancer patients.

With its philosophy of common good, the Walsin Lihwa group has ongoing community outreach and social engagement programs, including Walsin Lihwa’s participation in the Light Up the Corners throughout Taiwan Project to sponsor some elementary and junior high schools with relatively scarce resources for them to develop specialty education, and the company’s involvement in Taiwan indigenous plant provenance protection and restoration; Winbond Electronics’ care for children and teenagers, the poor and underprivileged, including its long-term breakfast sponsorship for schoolchildren in remote rural villages, used computer donation, and scholarship raising, as well as various academic sponsorship programs; the PSA Charitable Foundation’s five major services -- hearing healthcare, employee assistance at work, newspaper reading for kids, short-term breaks for caregivers, and employee volunteerism -- along with its donation of hearing aid devices to more than 1,000 aurally-impaired children, hearing health screening for more than 10,000 seniors, and Chinese language and literature education improvement by newspaper reading for more than 40,000 elementary and junior high school students; HannStar Display’s and its culture and education foundation’s long-term support for arts and humanities and development of the education of care for body and mind in cooperation with more than 20 social welfare organizations receiving contribution amounting to NT$7 million with books donated to more than 70,000 children, in addition to dementia-friendly community development by providing relevant correct knowledge and resources through drama and lecture events as well as app development. The Walsin Lihwa group wants to combine employee volunteerism with corporate resources to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities for environmental and ecological protection, culture and education, aid to the underprivileged, and medical care quality improvement among others to continue strengthening its positive social influences.

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