Winbond Announces New Flash Memory Products-16Mb/32Mb SPI & 16Mb/32Mb/64Mb Parallel


( HsinChu, Taiwan) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced three new parallel flash memories of W19B family and two new members of the SpiFlash® W25X family utilizing the company's Winstack process technology.

The W19B160B and W19B320B offer 16Mb and 32Mb density which support x8/x16 data width and random access speed can reach 70ns under 2.7V-3.6V operation voltage. The major features include erase suspend/erase resume, top or bottom boot block, write-protection and hardware reset. Bedsides, 32Mb also offers security sector to protect the critical code for customers. Both are ideal for DVD players & recorders, MP3 players, printers, networking, set-top boxes, projectors, automotive, consumer electronics, gaming devices as well as mobile devices.

W19B640C offers 64Mb density. Besides the feature of W19B320B, the product also supports 20ns page mode access speed and flexible bank architecture which is for simultaneous read/write operation. This 64Mb parallel flash is ideal for consumer applications, like DSC, DVD recorder, STB(DVB-C), high end networking applications and low price handset etc. All W19B family is JEDEC standard compatible in package/pinouts and command sets.

The W25X16 and W25X32 offer 16Mb and 32Mb that fit into space-saving and cost-effective 8-pin 208mil SO8 package, the highest density Serial Flash memories available in this small form factor. Similar to Winbond's popular W25X10/20/40/80 (one through eight-megabit SpiFlash memories), the W25X16 and W25X32 feature the industry's highest performance and flexible 4K-byte erasable sectors throughout the memory array. The packaging, performance and flexibility of the W25X16 and W25X32 make them ideal for a wide range of electronic applications including DVD drives and recorders, desktop and notebook PCs, WLAN devices, DSL modems, printers, cordless phones and more.

High density Serial Flash memories (16 Mb and greater) are commonly packaged in a larger and more costly 16-pin 300mil SO16 with 8-unused pins. Winbond's W25X16 and W25X32 are available in an 8-pin 208mil SO8 that uses half the space of a 16-pin SOIC resulting in smaller and simpler printed circuit boards. The SO8 package also allows for a common foot print from 4M-bit to 32M-bit densities.

The W25X16 and W25X32 support standard SPI clock rates of up to 75MHz. This performance can be further improved to an equivalent of 150MHz clock rate (>18 megabyte/second) by using the optional Dual-Output Read instruction. The instruction provides two bits of data per clock while maintaining the same 4-pin SPI interface. The "double data rate" makes the 25X family the highest performance serial Flash available today allowing controllers to quickly shadow or cache code to RAM and even execute code directly from the SPI interface.

Availability, Pricing

The sampling of W19B160 will be in Feb 2007 and W19B320 samples will be in April 2007. The mass production schedule of both products will be in Q2 2007. Alternate packages include 48-pin TSOP and 48-ball TFBGA. The sample of W19B640C will be available in Q4 2007, the mass production schedule is planned in Q1 2008. 48-pin TSOP and 48-ball TFBGA are both available.

The samples of W25X16VSSIG (16M-bit, 208mil SO8) and the W25X32VSSIG (32-bit, 208mil SO8) are all available in Feb 2007. The mass production schedule will be in Q2 2007. Alternate packages include SO16 and WSON.

For specific lead-time, pricing and additional information, please contact your local Winbond Electronics representative or distributor.


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