Winbond collaborate with DNP for the large density memory eSIM and Secure Element Development

Tokyo, Japan and Taichung, Taiwan – 07 December 2018 -- Winbond Electronics Corporation (hereinafter: WB), a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions in Taiwan, collaborates with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: DNP) to increase the security level of IoT (Internet of Things) environment, started developing the eSIM * 1 and Secure Element * 2 having large density secure Flash memory.

DNP is working on the development of "Secure Element" which improves the security of IoT equipment by using know-how of OS development of IC chip and security technology that have been cultivated in IC card business. DNP also provides SIM cards as a domestic major vendor.

Utilizing this know-how, DNP develops eSIM and Secure Element using secure microcontroller including with WB large density memory. Memory density of Traditional eSIM and Secure Element was approximately 1MB at most, but the developing product is included with as large as 4MB memory, thus increase the level of convenience such as being able to store many profiles.

*1 Abbreviation of “embedded SIM”. SIM that can be rewritable communication profiles remotely.
*2 Hardware security platform stores confidential data and applications and can operate.


Usage case of this product

Usage application (1)
When using eSIM, the number of profiles that can be stored (information for communication connection) was limited with the conventional memory size, and had to delete the profile in memory and then download it from the server if you use profiles that exceed the upper limit.
This newly developing large-density memory version is capable of storing multiple profiles that are supposed to be use, and can switch the using profiles without erasing nor downloading, also can provide sufficient space for the expansion of new applets.

Usage application (2)
DNP provides a service "IoST (Internet of Secure Things) platform" that enhances the security level by embedding Secure Elements into IoT devices, authenticating IoT devices and encrypting communication between devices.
Conventional IoT equipment required two IC chips, one is the main microcontroller originally installed in the equipment for communication control and data processing, and the other is Secure Element. But with this product integrating the main microcontroller and the Secure Element, cost reduction of IoT equipment can be achieved. Furthermore, it also enables to reduce the risk of improper copying by storing software on IC chips with high tamper resistance applying IC card technology.


Future development

While the business model has been changing, DNP will continue to develop and line-up various types of SIM cards or Secure Elements for realization of IoT that can operates safely even in the open environment.



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