Winbond Electronics Introduces Intel-Compliant 256Mb DDR400 SDRAM

Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced its introduction of Intel DDR-400 specification compliant 256Mb DDR SDRAM. With its 3.2G byte/second data transmission bandwidth, this DDR-400 memory solution supports the new Intel 865 chipsets featuring dual-channel, 400MHz data rate memory interface, 800MHz FSB, and AGP8X technology. This allow users to upgrade their system performance and enjoy richer digital media, gaming and networking experiences. This Intel spec compliant 256Mb DDR-400 SDRAM will begin volume shipping in the second quarter of 2003.

YM Su, assistant vice president of Winbond Electronics' DRAM Product Center, noted, "Winbond is proud to be able to introduce Intel-compliant DDR400 memory. In order to guarantee the stability and overall performance of this product, Winbond is also working closely with platform manufacturers to ensure the perfection on both functionality and compatibility."

YM Su further observed, "Customers have already expressed confidence in our DDR400 technology. In fact, since it's timely introduction of 333MHz and 400MHz double data rate DDR memory in the second half of 2002, Winbond has been a leading supplier in high performance DDR market. The announcement for Intel's DDR-400 support marks the birth of a standard platform for all high performance applications. In pursuit of the highest performance and best compatibility, Winbond is pleased to align its memory product lineup with Intel's DDR-400 specification."

Winbond Electronics continues to develop new generations of memory solutions that provide consumers with high-performance, cost effective options. From PC133, DDR266 and DDR333 and now to DDR400, Winbond continues to satisfy market demand by introducing leading-edge memory solutions. The Company is dedicated to developing technology solutions that allow users to enjoy technological innovations sooner while giving consumers an enhanced, more robust user experience. 

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