Winbond Electronics Releases Largest Capacity CellularRAM on the Market

SemiTech Taipei 2007, May, 10~12, 2007- With the emergence of a new generation of handheld devices, Winbond Electronics Corp. brings 256 Mb Pseudo SRAM to the market. 
Focusing on niche memory IDM, Winbond launches largest available 256 Mb CellularRAM standard PSRAM; this density is the best choice for a system upgrade without the need for a major software restructure. At present, Winbond launches two devices - the W968D6B, a x16 I/O (complies with CellularRAM 1.5G) and the W958D2B, a x32 I/O (complies with CellularRAM 2.0G).

Rapid advances in mobile phone functionality, such as browsing color photos, downloading JAVA games and digital camera modules, require more RAM buffer space in the handset memory. This increased demand for memory has made Pseudo SRAM an indispensable part of the data cache. In recent years, Pseudo SRAM has completely replaced the traditional 6T SRAM in handsets.

Pseudo SRAM’s advantages include high-capacity, low-cost, high clock rates and lower power consumption. Today, many communication applications need low-power memory that costs less but provides more capacity.

Datasheet and samples are now available from your local Winbond sales office and our authorized representatives.

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