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  • Winbond Introduces First Very-Low-Voltage Flash Memories

    New 1.2V, 1.5V Devices Feature Small 8-Pin Packages SAN JOSE, Calif., USA, and TAICHUNG, Taiwan – June 29, 2017 – Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, today announced a dramatic expansion of its flash product portfolio with the introduction of...

  • Butterfly W631GG6KS (64Mx16 1.5V DDR3 SDRAM) VFBGA96 IBIS model

  • W634GG6NB 256Mx16 1.5V DDR3 VFBGA96 datasheet

  • W634GG8NB 512Mx8 DDR3 1.5V VFBGA78 datasheet

  • Code Storage Flash Memory - 1.2V Serial NOR Flash

    The W25QxxND 1.2V series parts have performance identical to the popular 3V and 1.8V families of serial flash with the added benefit of saving power. They are offered in 2mm x 3mm USON8, narrow 150mil SOP8, 6x5mm WSON 8-pin packages and KGD (Known Good Die) which provide designers with the convenien...

  • Specialty DRAM

    Winbond’s DRAM product portfolio is consisting of Mobile RAM and Specialty DRAM. Specialty DRAM, focusing on low and middle density, features characteristics of high performance and high speed and is widely used by leaders in the consumer, communication, computer peripheral, industrial, and automobi...

  • W634GG6NB 256Mx16 DDR3 1.5V VFBGA96 Automotive datasheet Rev: C02

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  • 1.2V Serial NOR Flash Product Brief

  • The keys to successful adoption of new low-voltage memory ICs

    Today, the circuitry on the board in mainstream industrial and consumer products operates from a wide range of supply voltages: the power rails are most commonly at 5V, 3V, 2.5V, 1.8V and various lower voltages. To ensure compatibility between devices from different manufacturers, and to avoid unnec...

  • How efficient memory solutions can help designers of IoT nodes meet tight BoM cost targets

    Industry’s vision for the Internet of Things (IoT) foresees the installation of billions of devices connected to the world’s universal network. All forecasts for the numbers of IoT nodes are huge. Simple mathematical reasoning suggests that the average production cost per node must be small, otherwi...

  • How Serial Flash technology is evolving to meet the new requirements of Industry 4.0 designs

    The famous fourth industrial revolution, tagged ‘Industry 4.0’, is based on the move to digitize industrial equipment and processes on a massive scale. This Industry 4.0 trend is now stretching the capabilities of almost every important category of electronic component used in industrial machines an...

  • A prominent leader in the semiconductor memory technology segment: Winbond

    One of the crucial elements in today’s electronics is semiconductor memory technology. Any equipment that makes use of a processor of any kind will have semiconductor technology in it. There is a significant need for semiconductor memories and there are various types of memory and number of technolo...


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