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  • HowToUseW74M

  • W74M25JV Rev.B datasheet

  • Winbond embedded world 2018_Authentication and SpiStack Flash Memory

    What is the simplest and quickest way to add "multi-layer authentication" into your existing designs? And what is SpiStack Flash Memory? Why stacked die?

  • W74M12JV datasheet

  • W74M01GV Rev.A datasheet

  • Winbond Electronics Honorably Won the International QS-9000 Quality Authentication

    (Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced that it has acquired the QS-9000 international quality certification. This milestone not only paves the way for Winbond's expanded efforts in the European and American automobile industry markets, including providing automobile IC product...

  • [Re-scheduled] Winbond seminar- How innovation is bringing new value and new functionality to systems using code-storage Flash ICs

    Sorry, the seminar has been rescheduled and we will get back to you New Memory and Security Technologies for Designers of IoT Devices Designs for new connected devices of all types have to fulfil tough new requirements to succeed in a competitive market. In many cases, Internet of Things (IoT) edge ...

  • Winbond SpiFlash/SpiStack Evaluation Kit

    Overview Winbond SpiFlash/SpiStack Evaluation Kit is consist of Mbed enabled MCU board which has an Arduino UNO R3 compatible terminal and Shield Board, Daughter Board. This kit makes it easy to try the operation of the Quad SPI Flash Memory. a) Mbed enables MCU Board Part Number MCU Supplier M487JI...

  • Winbond Introduces TrustME® Secure Flash Memory Implementing the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE) Architecture

    TAICHUNG, Taiwan – October 24, 2017 -- Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, today announced an expansion of its TrustME® Secure Flash products portfolio based on the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Device Identifier Composition Engine (DICE) Arc...

  • Winbond and Tiempo Secure join forces to offer the world’s first fully CC EAL5+ certifiable Secure Element IP for IoT

    Munich, Germany – 13 November, 2018 -- Winbond Electronics Corporation and Tiempo Secure are announcing a complete solution for certifiable Secure Elements comprised of Tiempo Secure’s fully proven hard macro IP and Winbond’s certified secure flash. The combined solution offers cloud to IoT authenti...

  • Winbond’s Secure Flash portfolio on show at electronica provides secure external storage for code and data in SoC- and processor-based systems

    W75 and W77 series of Secure Flash devices protect data in connected and IoT devices from a wide range of hacking attacks and other security threats. W76 Secure Element provides certified solution for eUICC, mobile payments and other security-critical applications. Munich, Germany – 13 November, 201...

  • Drop-in replacement Secure Flash for IoT devices - W77Q (Part 1)

    In today's webinar, we are going to talk about... New W77Q Secure Flash memory is a drop-in replacement for existing Flash devices, supporting secure boot, root-of-trust and resilience, and providing strong protection for operations such as over-the-air updates and device authentication. Register no...

  • New Generation of Advanced Flash for Connected Platforms

    Today’s embedded applications demand innovative non-volatile memory (NVM) solutions in order to meet the diverse requirement of connected platforms. As the largest supplier of serial NVMs, Winbond continues its broad application coverage by offering SpiStack, 1.2V flash, and Authentication memories....

  • How to add multi-layered authentication into your IoTs?

    In today’s connected world, there’s no denying that smart devices need reliable security. If you’re looking for a cost-effective memory with authentication, you’ll find everything you need in Winbond’s W74M memory devices. Built to offer comprehensive protection for IoT devices, these non-volatile m...

  • Closing the security gap left by conventional NOR Flash ICs

    In response to demand from security-conscious OEMs, the manufacturers of modern microcontrollers and systems-on-chip (SoCs) commonly equip their products with a broad range of security capabilities: standard, off-the-shelf 32-bit MCUs for mainstream, non-financial applications will today often featu...


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