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(Taipei News) Subsequent to an earthquake of 6.7 magnitude that struck Taiwan at 2:23 a.m. on June 11 2000, Winbond Electronics Corporation today issued the following report on the status of Company facilities. 

After 20 hours of thorough facilities inspection and exhaustive safety 
reviews, the Company reported the following information, as of 10:00 p.m., on June 11:

ĄP No personnel injuries were sustained during the quake.
ĄP All buildings, plant facilities, computer-integrated manufacturing systems
and IT networks are intact. All power, water, gas, and chemical supply lines
are operating normally.
ĄP Testing equipment are all back to normal operation.
ĄP Equipment at Fab 1 is intact. There were some wafer scraps at Fab 2 which represent approximately 1 percent of the work-in-process. 
ĄP Equipment at Fab 2 is intact. 
ĄP Fab 4 and 5 sustained some damage, but on a much smaller scale than was experienced on September 21 1999, when the island of Taiwan was struck by a massive earthquake of 7.3 magnitude. 
ĄP The damage at Fabs 4 and 5 primarily involved the loss of delicate quartz 
tubes. The loss is estimated to around 12 percent of the total quartz tubes 
currently in operation in these two fabs.
ĄP The Company has enough spares in reserve to replace the damaged quartz tubes within a few days. 
ĄP Total wafer scraps are currently estimated to be around 2 percent of the 
total work-in-process.
ĄP Production operation in all production sites has resumed.
ĄP The Company is fully insured against losses for property damage and 
business interruption. Net loss in profit is currently estimated to be no 
more than 1.5 million U.S. dollars.
ĄP Operation in all facilities has resumed. After the devastating earthquake of last year, Winbond immediately formed an emergency recovery team that consisted of employees from around the world. Working around the clock, the Company was able to recover quite effectively, with minimal impact to its customers. 

"This time, we have the experience of having managed just such an emergency and the lessons we learned have enabled the Company to immediately spring into action quickly and more efficiently. As a result, facility and wafer loss have thus far, been kept to an absolute minimum. The safety of our employees and our customers remain the Company's first priorities," noted C.C. Chang, president, Winbond Electronics Corporation. 

    Wilson Wen
    Vice President of Administrative Center

News Liaison
    Mike Liu
    Deputy Director

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