Winbond Electronics To Exhibit Innovative Chip Industry Ultra Pure Water System and Recycling System

(Hsin Chu News) Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced that it is showcasing a new Ultra Pure Water System and Water Recycling System for recycling waste water at its wafer fabrication site. This new system, sponsored by Hsin Chu Science Park Administration, is the accumulative result of more than two years of information gathering, design and planning. The system is successfully operating at Winbond Electronics' Li-Shin Road site. It recycles a daily average of more than 200 tons of waste through the innovative recycle process and effectively provides a solution to the current water shortage plaguing Taiwan. This system purifies water so efficiently, and eliminates enough wasted water at the Company's wafer plant, to qualify for the guidelines outlined by the Environmental Policy for Reduction of Waste. In addition, Winbond estimates its new integrated water and waste recycling system can save the Company approximately NT $9,365,000.

Dr. Lian-Shen Tung, deputy director general of Hsin Chu Science Park Administration, expressed that Hsin Chu's semiconductor industry stands to make a great contribution to the economic development of Taiwan. In 2001, Science Park Administration recognized Winbond Electronics for it research and development efforts for the Ultra Pure Water System and Water Recycling System. As part of the Company's corporate commitment to protecting and preserving the environment, the Company deployed its advanced water pure system in an effort to substantially decrease the amount of wasted water. To proliferate this technology among companies within the Industrial Science Park, Winbond has invited local companies to tour the plant and learn more about the design, operation and utilization of the Ultra Pure Water System and Water Recycling System.

C.C. Chang, President of Winbond Electronics Corporation, noted that to maintain product competitiveness, Winbond invests more than 10 percent of annual expenses into research and development efforts. Moreover, the Company remains dedicated to highest standards of environment protection by taking its R&D efforts a step further into the territory of environmental protection and pollution prevention. Usually, wasted water, a by-product of semiconductor manufacturing, must be disposed of in a specialized pollution plant within the science park. However, by using the Ultra Pure Water System and Water Recycling System, part of the water qualifies for reuse.

In 2000, Winbond established a specialized research and development team that was tasked with establishing technology for recycled water disposal that would lower the usage of water in wafer production. The team was able to resolve the problem with the ultra pure water system and address the current problem of water shortage. By showcasing and exhibiting its new pure system, Winbond hopes to provide other semiconductor companies with a world-class example of water conservation during a time of limited water resources.

C.L. Chen, Acting Director of Corporated Facility Division of Winbond, noted that Ultra Pure System produces purified water for wafer production because the manufacturing process, which involves a significant volume of chemical solutions, requires large quantities of water. Taiwan typically enjoys abundant of rainfall, but because of the topography limitations of its mountains, water collection efforts normally result in low volumes. In addition, rainfall distribution is unequal throughout the country; highly dependent upon seasons and territory. Therefore, water is no longer considered an unlimited resource within Taiwan. Sy-Shin Yeh, Deputy Manager of the Company's Facility Department, took on the special challenge of forming a team tasked with the improvement of the Company's water conservation and recycling processes. After more than two years of effort, Winbond's Li-Shin Rd Site now enjoys outstanding success in water conservation and recycling.

Winbond's new Ultra Pure Water System and Recycle System exemplifies the Company's dedication to environmental protection and its pursuit of continuous environmental improvements worldwide. The water purification system's technology provides a world-class recycling solution for Taiwan's semiconductor industry. It also is a good example of the government's quest for recycling solutions that support environmental protection and a reflection of Taiwan's ability to produce leading-edge environmental technology solutions that can be adapted worldwide.

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    Vice President of Administrative Center
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