Winbond Electronics Corporation Signed a NT$ 5 Billion Syndicated Loan Agreement with 8 Domestic Banks

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation today (28) signed a NT$ 5 billion syndicated loan agreement at Winbond Taipei office. The signing ceremony was hosted by Mr. C.C. Chang, Vice Chairman and Deputy CEO of Winbond, and the representatives of the lead banks. The funds will be used to finance the general working capital of Winbond.

The syndicated loan was led by China Trust Commercial Bank, Ta Chong Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank, Industrial Bank of Taiwan, Mega International Commercial Bank, First Bank, and Yuanta Commercial Bank and one participating financial institution, Bank SinoPac, all of which are with excellent operation performance. The enthusiasm received from the financial institutions this time also represents their highly support to Winbond’s well credit rating and bright future.

Winbond, as a leading brand-name IC product company with capabilities of design, research, manufacturing, sales and marketing, has entered its twentieth year. The company has always been the premium customer for banks in virtue of its steady operation strategies and financial structure. To keep its competitive advantage in the ever-changing semiconductor industry, Winbond reorganized its structure by dividing the existing Logic and Memory Business Groups into five business profit centers including Consumer IC Business Group, DRAM Product Business Group, Memory IC Manufacturing Business Group, Computer Logic IC Business Group, and Flash Memory IC Business Group. Each business group is responsible not only for its performance but also generating profits to further improve the overall operation efficiency.

With the favorable capital cost from this syndicated loan, Winbond will continue to develop new products with its competitive advantage, thereby acting as the driving force for the whole performance.

    Wilson Wen
    Vice President of Administrative Center

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    Mike Liu
    Deputy Director

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