Winbond Joined CIX Carbon Credit Auction and Obtained Voluntary Carbon Credits From the World’s Largest Blue Carbon Project

In respond to the international trend of carbon neutrality and the goal to net-zero by 2050, Winbond joined Singapore's global carbon exchange Climate Impact X (CIX) in September 2022 and further acquired its first carbon credit in November. The acquired carbon credits will be offset against its carbon emission.

Winbond joined CIX’s 2022 Auction and obtained carbon credits from a mangrove forests project in Pakistan. This mangrove project is the world’s largest blue carbon project and is protecting and restoring the area of 350,000 hectares. The project area is home to several globally threatened species. This project generates substantial climate change adaptation benefits for the biodiversity in the region. The co-benefits to more than 42,000 people living within the project zone are 21,000 newly created full-time jobs, safe drinking water supply, training for project staff, and the initiatives of community health and gender equality.

Winbond continuously dedicates to energy saving and carbon reduction in daily operations, proactively exerts its influence on corporate sustainability through innovative research and development, closely follows the investment opportunities of renewable energy and voluntary carbon market, and introduces data platform technology to build a new sustainable business model. In keeping with the mission of sustainability, Winbond commits to broadly engage with international sustainability initiatives and implement corporate social responsibilities.

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