Winbond to Exhibit Mobile RAM Solution

Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, announced that during its annual product event, the Company will exhibit its suite of RAM IC solutions aimed at mobile handheld devices.

Addressing the needs of personal wireless communication products, such as cell phone and WLAN, Winbond provides a complete suite of SRAM chip solutions, including 2M~4M low voltage SRAM, and the Company's new low voltage, high speed, high capacity (8M~64M) 1T SRAM. These products are designed to satisfy growing market demand for SRAM needed for multi-functional, low voltage communication products. Winbond is leader in this market. The Company's 1T SRAM product has been successfully adopted by customers, in the form of multi-chip package, in both 2.5G and 3G cell phones.

Winbond will also exhibit a new high capacity memory solution by displaying the Company's newest low power SDRAM product which addresses the JEDEC industry standard specifications. This product vastly increases the battery standby time of personal digital products such as PDA, Handset, DSC and others. The industry standard SDRAM also features low temperature capability making it applicable for a wide variety of different products including DVC, car navigation and others. The BGA packaging of this low power SDRAM addresses the industry's requirement for the ever-diminishing footprint of small and lightweight mobile handheld devices.

Winbond's Non-Volatile Memory product will also be on display at the event. In concert with Winbond's development efforts, the Company also has a technology alliance with Sharp. Together, the companies are focusing on developing a new generation of flash technology ACT1 (Advanced Contactless Technology). This technology complements WinbondĄŚs 0.18-micron process product, NOR flash, which the Company plans for production in the fourth quarter of 2002. The comprehensive product strategy enables Winbond to provide customers with a complete set of Flash memory solutions.

Winbond is working to aggressively develop winning solutions for each product line with new product development and technology advances. With respect to the Company's memory business, Winbond's strategy is to provide a complete suite of mobile IC solutions by concentrating on niche DRAM, flash, 1T SRAM and other memory product development efforts. In concert with this strategy, Winbond will continue to meet the most exacting customer requirements by striving for higher product quality and the industry's most competitive pricing.

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