DDR Technology Offers Transfer Data Rate Twice As Fast As Ordinary DRAMS

San Jose, CA, May 23, 2001 -- Winbond Electronics Corporation a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions worldwide today announced the availability of a series of new double data-rate (DDR) 256 Mb SDRAM chips. Winbond's new chips, the W942504AH-7, W942508AH-7 and W942516AH-7, all feature an innovative new double data-rate architecture, aimed at vastly improving the performance of computers, desktops and servers. The chip is currently sampling with volume shipments slated for the third quarter of 2001.

Winbond's new DDR chips are ideal for module, chipset, desktop and server OEMs with high performance requirements for their products. The new line of chips feature 16M x 4 Banks x 4 Bit, 8M x 4 Banks x 8 Bit and 4M x 4 Banks x 16 Bit solutions that enable two data transfers per clock cycle. This pipelined, multi-bank architecture allows for concurrent operation providing customers with twice the bandwidth and literally doubling the transfer rate of data. The 256M chips also feature 2.5-volt power supply, up to 143 MHz clock rate frequency, and 66 pin TSOP packaging.

"Industry analysts have predicted that typical clock speeds for microprocessors will all soon be measured in gigahertz. In fact, for many applications, we see this trend already realized. Until now, memory buses have not been able to supply data fast enough to reap all the benefits of these new processors. The Winbond's new 256 Mb DDR SDRAM chip solutions vastly improve the performance of memory buses by literally doubling the transfer rate of data," said Tom Sullivan, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Winbond Electronics Corporation America.




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