Winbond launchs 32bit 32M/64Mb SDR/DDR KGD for SiP application

Winbond launchs 32bit 32M/64Mb SDR/DDR KGD for SiP application


Winbond Electronics Corporation (WEC) today announced the launch of its latest 32bit bandwidth 32M/64Mb SDR / DDR DRAM memory which is built on its 65nm bWL process for SiP (System in Package) application.

This new product is able to provide the best SiP solution by KGD (Known-Good-Die) for various applications such as LCM (LCD Module), TV timing controller (T-con), Monitor Scaler, Notebook camera lens (NB cam), IP cam, Pico-projector, and ISP (Image Signal Processor).

Winbond Electronics Corporation is a unique Integrated Device Manufacturer that is dedicated to provide niche memory solution with complete and competitive services on KGD, such as: 

    1. Possession of its own 12-inch wafer fabrication to provide cost competitiveness and long-term support.

    2. Strong Electrical and Physical Failure Analysis (EFA / PFA) competence with state-of the-art instruments.

    3. Full Speed Testing on wafer level. (Up to 220M Hz CLK rate / 440M Hz data rate)

    4. Excellent Reliability by Wafer Level Burn-In: less than 100ppm (11.4 Fits).

Winbond Electronics Corporation (WEC) has been a consistent long-term partner with many worldwide tier 1 companies in HDD controller, ODD controller, Monitor Scaler IC, T-con, and Game Console. 

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Winbond Electronics Corporation is the Memory IC Company with professional capacity in product design, manufacturing, and sales services. By continuous innovation in technology, the Company strives to provide and develop customer-driven memory solutions.


As the first-rate semiconductor company, Winbond exploits its advanced design skills and production technologies to continually boost the competitive advantages of its dedicated brand-name products. Winbond’s three business groups each focus on specific fields. Of which, DRAM Product Business Group specializes in Mobile RAM and Specialty DRAM products which are designed to meet the demands of niche memory market for high-speed memory with low-power consumption. Flash Memory IC Business Group offers low/medium density NOR Flash products, including parallel Flash and serial Flash for the computer, consumer and communication markets. Based on a 300 mm wafer fab, Memory IC Manufacturing Business Group keeps pace with the latest technologies to provide high-quality memory IC manufacturing services. Now the 300 mm wafer fab is running at a monthly capacity of 37,000 wafers and production technologies covers from 90nm to 65nm.


Winbond headquarters in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taiwan, and also has subsidies in America, Japan, and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit: https://www.winbond.com.



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