Winbond Electronics Presents Low Power Mobile Memory

Winbond is attending the 2008 IIC-China Shenzhen (Mar./3-4 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center) & Shanghai (Mar./10-11 Shanghai Mart). We are glad to introduce Winbond's two new families of Mobile Memory components for mobile applications, Low Power DRAM and PSRAM that meet the increasing need of low power consumption.

Low Power DRAM

In recent years, rapid changes in mobile device specifications have stimulated demand for increased memory capacity, especially for Multimedia-rich and wideband applications. Winbond's Low Power DRAM family provides both LPSDR and LPDDR, with very large capacities – 128 Mb to 512 Mb. The entire family conforms to JEDEC specifications for both functionality and pin definitions, making it easy for users looking for multiple sources.


Pseudo SRAM enables faster memory access for mobile applications. PSRAM features a standard SRAM interface, 1-transistor DRAM-like memory cells and an on-chip refresh circuit, which make it an easy design-in. For added flexibility, Winbond’s PSRAM family provides data densities from 16 Mb to 256 Mb. The 256 Mb PSRAM, which complies with Cellular RAM 2.0G Standard, has one of the highest densities available in the market.

Winbond and Qimonda AG announced the signing of a new agreement for the transfer of 75 nm and 58 nm DRAM trench technology, and for production capacity collaboration. This agreement illustrates Winbond's commitment to implementing advanced production technologies to strengthen the competitiveness of its brand-name products in the global market, and to reinforce its technology partnerships with leading international companies.

About Winbond

Winbond Electronics Corp. was founded in 1987 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. The company owns the capabilities of both IC design and manufacturing and provides entire solutions to the customers. Winbond focuses on the development of four main product lines, including μC & μC-based Consumer IC, Computer Logic IC, Mobile RAM, and Flash Memory, and it has built a solid foundation and a strong reputation in the semiconductor industry.

Winbond has five business groups, including Consumer IC Business Group, Computer Logic IC Business Group, DRAM Product Business Group, Flash Memory IC Business Group, and Memory IC Manufacturing Business Group. Each business group operates as a profit center to strengthen the company’s operation model and keep the maneuverability and flexibility of the organization to adapt to the ever-changing semiconductor industry.

Winbond has over 4,000 employees worldwide and operates one 150mm wafer fab and one 300mm wafer fab. Winbond owns more than 2,500 patents worldwide and has subsidiaries in the USA, China, Israel, and Japan. For more information, please visit:http://www.winbond.com

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