Winbond TrustME® Secure Flash Memory achieves PSA Certified™ Level 2 Ready

(Taichung, TAIWAN – 26 February, 2020) -- Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, today announced that the TrustME® W75F Secure Flash Memory has achieved PSA Certified™ Level 2 Ready in the PSA Certified independent security assurance scheme.

Now with PSA Certified™ Level 2 Ready, the TrustME® W75F Secure Flash Memory provides a secure, certifiable, and flexible memory sub-system complementary to Arm®v8-M architecture-based systems. It enables SoC and MCU vendors to design secure and certifiable solutions while expediting time to market.

As a leading secure storage solution provider, Winbond focuses on the certified secure storage for security by design, immutable root of trust, secure boot, firmware confidentiality and integrity, trusted factory initialization of devices, and secure firmware updates. The certifiable secure memory sub-system can scale PSA Certified™ chip platforms to support larger storage-demanded applications. Hence, SoC and MCU chip manufacturing is not limited to the process nodes with embedded flash memory process in security-centric IoT era.

Cybersecurity certification is a vital role in trust and security irrespective of products, services and processes in the IoT value chain and ecosystem. Security by design is essential to address the security concerns in diverse IoT landscapes. PSA Certified™ is an independent security assurance scheme based on the foundations of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA), which was founded by Arm and aims to build trust through independent security assessment. PSA Certified™ Level 2 Ready provides a pre-certification security assessment of the PSA Root of Trust to demonstrate solutions that protect against scalable remote software attacks.

Designed to fit the needs of trusted hardware and trusted software vendors, PSA Certified™ Level 2 Ready is widely applicable to developers seeking a pre-certification assessment. PSA Certified™ Level 2 Ready is suitable for systems that use FPGA or test-chip based hardware.

“As IoT continues to have a transformational impact on industries ranging from healthcare to industrial, it’s fundamental that trust is built into these devices from the chip level,” said Andy Rose, chief system architect and fellow at Arm. “The achievement of PSA Certified™ Level 2 Ready gives the ecosystem evidence that the TrustME® W75F Secure Flash Memory has the necessary protection against scalable, remote software attacks.”

“The days of old-fashioned security as an option are over. These days, it’s all about getting ready to fulfil the promises of security by design,” said Carlos Serratos, Business Development Director at Brightsight. "We are delighted to be collaborating with Winbond on the PSA Certified™ Level 2 Ready security evaluation for the TrustME® W75F Secure Flash Memory. It is a fantastic achievement, with a clear show of commitment, enabling trust on IoT devices."

“In an increasingly security conscious world, robust solutions for trusted boot and firmware updates are indispensable to IoT security foundation. Winbond TrustME® Secure Flash strengthens the robustness of Platform Security Architecture implementations by securing code and data storage for trusted boot and firmware update using external secure flash,” said Hung-Wei Chen, Marketing Director at Winbond. “We look forward to continuing our support for certifiable secure memory solutions with our expertise and ability to meet the growing demand for secure, certifiable, and flexible solutions in the era of IoT.”

The TrustME® W75F Secure Flash features:

To meet the growing demand for high-volume embedded solutions, Winbond TrustME® memories are in mass production in Winbond’s wholly own and secure 12-inch wafer fabrication facility in Taichung, Taiwan.


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