Winbond's View of Quality

Quality Policy

To become a world class company offering products/services that best satisfy our customers, by establishing Total Quality Management, Zero Defect and Quality First quality culture through the process of continuous improvement.

Built-In Quality

At Winbond, we recognize that every phase of the development and manufacturing process inevitably affects the quality and reliability of the final products, so we concentrate on building quality and reliability into our products from the start. Our commitment to quality is fundamental to our long-term success, so all employees at Winbond participate in quality and reliability assurance activities as part of their basic job responsibilities. Every function and every individual is accountable for a defect-free operation.

Commitment To Quality And Reliability

Winbond is committed to manufacturing VLSIs with superior quality and reliability. We maintain high standards and rigid specification control throughout all the steps in the manufacturing process. Through continuous research and development activities and process improvement, we strive to establish and maintain increasingly higher standards of quality and reliability


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