Winbond Electronics Corporation and Qimonda AG Announce New Agreement for 75 nanometer and 58 nanometer Technology Transfer

June 27, 2007—Winbond Electronics Corporation and Qimonda AG today announced signing a new agreement for 75nm and 58nm DRAM trench technology transfer and production capacity collaboration, which demonstrates that Winbond continuously keeps implementing advanced production technologies to strengthen the competitiveness of its brand-name products in the global market, and reinforcing its technology partnerships with international leading companies.

Under the terms of this agreement, Qimonda will transfer its 75nm and 58nm DRAM technologies to Winbond’s 300mm wafer fab, and, in return, Winbond will continue providing foundry services of high quality Commodity DRAMs for Qimonda. Both companies will extend the existing profit-share cooperation model and the contracted foundry services will also decrease the impact of fluctuating Commodity DRAM price on Winbond. Furthermore, while the 300mm wafer fab reached a cost-effective, economical production scale, Winbond can develop niche products, such as Mobile Memory, and sell its own brand-name products. In the future, the 58nm technology will be deployed to produce Winbond’s branded Low Power SDRAM, Pseudo DRAM, consumer electronic DRAM products and so on to meet rising and versatile demands in mobile communication market.

The Module A of Winbond’s 300mm water fab located in central Taiwan Science Park has reached the 24000 wafers full capacity per month; the 90nm technology has a steady yield and the 80nm technology is scheduled to production. As to the Module B, a mass production planned in the mid of 2008 will further enhance Winbond’s overall competitiveness.

In 2004, Winbond signed an agreement with Infineon Technology AG for the 90nm DRAM technology transfer. In 2006, Infineon’s DRAM business span off and became a separate entity named Qimonda. Winbond and Qimonda carried on the alliance and expanded the collaboration to the 80nm process technology. Based on the previous successful collaboration experiences, the two companies once again achieved an excellent multinational cooperation and realized long-term stable growth and competitiveness in the market.


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