Winbond Electronics Corporation Announces Monthly Revenue Results For August, 2002

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced its revenue results for the month of August 2002. Revenue for the month was approximately NT $2.603 billion, an increase of 57.94 percent when compared with NT $1.648 billion over the same period last year. Accumulated revenue for January to August 2002 was NT $20.911 billion, an increase of nearly 26.69 percent when compared with NT $16.505 billion over the same period last year.

Even though economic recovery remains unclear, Winbond's August revenues still showed a sight increase of 5.8 percent over revenue results in July. In August, pricing for DDR DRAM remained stable. The addition of Winbond's DDR333 and DDR400 more advanced products, gave the Company an edge on pricing. DDR, or double data rate technology, is gradually becoming the next DRAM industry standard. Winbond will continue to place significant emphasis on its DDR product line to address growing market demand, and to enhance the Company's competitiveness. As for the Company's progress in 0.13-micron processing, efforts are proceeding as planned. The Company began production using 0.13-micron process in September. This should milestone enable the Company to lower production costs significantly.

Because of the Winbond's advanced product efforts in embedded flash, the Company has been able to gain market share in the micro controller sector of the market. As an example, the popular Short Message System technology has recently become the market standard in Mainland China. Winbond's SOC chip and multi rewriteable module flash solution are able to address rapidly changing market needs in this arena by featuring flexibility and ease of modification. This enables the ICs to address this dynamic, growing market more effectively than Mask ROM solutions. Along with China's rapid development in the SMS market, Winbond continues to gain market share in this thriving market.

The Company's 6-in-1-card reader USB Micro controller is based on Winbond's proven flash memory technology. Due in part to revised USB software characteristics, this technology has been gaining in popularity with consumers and the market outlook is good.


Monthly Business Revenue Report (Unit: NT$ 1,000) 
Monthly Revenue
Accumulated Revenue
 2002 August 2,602,651  2002  Jan.~Aug. 20,910,678
2001 August 1,647,822 2001 Jan.~Aug. 16,505,095
Increase (Decrease) 57.94% Increase (Decrease) 26,69%




Note : The results reported herein represent internally generated financial information that has not yet been audited by an independent, third party CPA. 


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