Winbond Announces the Financial Results for the Second Quarter of 2007

(Taipei News) Winbond Electronics Corporation held its Board of Directors meeting today on August 3rd, 2007. The company has approved the audited financial statements for the second quarter of 2007. Net sales totaled NT$7.267 billion. Gross profit was NT$220 million. Net loss after tax was NT$1.374 billion and net loss per share was NT$ 0.37. The accumulated revenue of first-half of this year was NT$16.765 billion, net loss after tax was NT$1.016 billion, net loss per share was NT$ 0.27.

Memory market was still slow in the second quarter. The depressing price of the Memory product was the main reason. Currently, due to the gradual increase on demand of the end product, it is expected that the rebound will appear in the third quarter. The Logic product was not influenced by the slow season and performed steadily in the second quarter. The shipment of Logic product had solid increase. The margin of Computer Logic product had improved due to the mass adoption and shipment of new NB I/O product and continuous cost reduction. In terms of Consumer Logic product, the design-wins earlier this year translated into strong up tick in second quarter revenue. Also, the shipment of Speech IC grew smoothly and had positive effect on the revenue. 

At present time, the ratio of 90nm production has continued to rise in Winbond’s 300mm wafer fab and the mass production of 80nm migration is on scheduled. Both 90nm technology and 80nm technology have steady yields. While the Module B project has developed actively, Winbond has signed a new agreement with Qimonda AG for 75nm and 58nm DRAM trench technology transfer and production capacity collaboration in the earlier of this year. That is expected to enhance Winbond’s overall competitiveness in the future.

Looking forward to the third quarter, the strong demand on Consumer Logic product may continue into late third quarter because of the high season. However, the growth may be limited due to the production capacity constraint of computer logic product. The price fluctuation of Commodity DRAM shall be mitigating and rebound slowly. As to the operation goal in the third quarter, we also remain positive and cautious.

    Wilson Wen
    Vice President of Administrative Center

News Liaison
    Mike Liu
    Deputy Director

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