Winbond Introduces 1Gb and 2Gb SpiFlash Memories in 8-Pin Package for Space-Limited Code-Storage Applications

SAN JOSE, Calif., USA, and TAICHUNG, Taiwan – March 11, 2015  Winbond Electronics Corporation today announced a dramatic expansion of its Flash product portfolio with introduction of a new family of high-density SpiFlash® memories. The new family, the W25N Series, achieves both high-performance read of NOR Flash and the fast program-and-erase attributes of NAND Flash in a small 8-pin package. The new W25N Series also features the popular multi-IO SpiFlash® interface and command set.

W25N Series SpiFlash® Memory

Winbond – the world’s leading supplier of Serial Flash and NOR Flash, with 1.96 billion units shipped in 2014 – developed the new W25N Serial Flash series based on the well-established SpiFlash® interface protocol and low-pin-count packages, to provide a seamless transition and higher-density coverage for Serial NOR Flash memory customers and leverage their existing SPI controller designs.  Enabling customers to upgrade their software smoothly, Winbond is applying to these devices Continuous Read Operation with 52MB/s data transfer rate.  Their features and performance are compatible with Serial NOR flash memory and ideal for code-shadowing applications.   

To manage larger data more efficiently, the W25N Series features a page programming time of 250us and block-erase time of 2ms, which are 10 and 100 times faster, respectively, than those of conventional NOR Flash memories.  As a result of faster program-and-erase operation, total power consumption for its completion is also reduced 10 and 100 times.  Other features, such as embedded error-correction code and an on-chip bad-block management utility, improve the data integrity of the Flash memory and meet code-storage requirements.  The W25N Serial flash series is available in densities starting at 1G-bit, with 8-pad WSON and 24-ball TFBGA packages. “We are extremely pleased with the interest that several major designers and manufacturers have shown in our new Serial Flash products, as well as with the initial success we’ve had ramping up this high density product family,” said John Park, president of Winbond Electronics Corporation America. “We are committed to providing long-term support to our customers with the Serial Flash families.”

The 1Gb Serial Flash memory is sampling now and will be available in production starting later this quarter. The 2Gb density Serial Flash device will be available starting 2Q’2015.  For specific pricing on these products, please contact Winbond at SalesSupport@winbond.com

To assure satisfying growing global demand, all the new Winbond 46nm Serial Flash products are manufactured in Winbond’s 12-inch wafer fabrication facility in Taichung, Taiwan.


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Winbond Electronics Corporation is a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan.  Winbond’s major products include specialty DRAM, mobile DRAM, and Flash memories with Winbond’s memory business revenues in 2014 of more than US$1 billion. Winbond has approximately 2,200 employees worldwide, with offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Israel, and the USA.  For more information, please visit: www.winbond.com.


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