Winbond 16Mb, 32Mb Serial Flash Memories Production-Released; Set Course For Next Generation



SAN JOSE , Calif. – June 25, 2007 -- Winbond Electronics Corporation America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics Corp., today announced production-release of the two newest members in its SpiFlash ® 25X family of Serial Flash memories. Makers of computer, networking and consumer applications now can take advantage of volume availability of the recently introduced W25X16 and W25X32 SpiFlash ® memories -- whose 16 and 32 megabit densities, respectively, are housed in a space-saving, cost-effective 8-pin SOIC package.

Utilizing Winbond’s 0.13um Winstack technology, the W25X16 and W25X32 SpiFlash ® memories build on the success of Winbond’s popular W25X family of SpiFlash ® memories (initially one- through eight-megabit densities). The new devices feature the popular Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) supporting both “Single-SPI” and “Dual-SPI” operation to achieve the industry’s highest-performance among Serial Flash memories. The W25X16 and W25X32 also include uniform 4K-byte erasable sectors, in addition to earlier-generation 64KB blocks. The smaller 4K-byte sectors allow for efficient memory allocation and storage of data, and are required in many Intel®-based PC applications. Their packaging, performance and flexibility make the W25X16 and W25X32 ideal Serial Flash solutions for a variety of electronic applications, including desktop and notebook PCs, DVD players and recorders, WLAN and DSL equipment, digital TVs, set-top-boxes, printers, and industrial-control systems.


Next Generation Serial Flash

The 25X Dual-SPI feature, first introduced by Winbond in early 2006, has become a popular method for increasing SPI transfer rates when shadowing code to RAM and, in some cases, even for executing code directly from the SPI interface. Reflecting the market acceptance of Winbond’s groundbreaking work, several other manufacturers have since announced Serial Flash memories with Dual-SPI capability. The popularity of the 25X line has set the stage for Winbond’s next generation of SpiFlash ® memories featuring Quad-SPI.

"Serial Flash offers considerable advantages in pin-count, space and system cost, compared to parallel Flash," said Robin Jigour, vice president of Serial Flash marketing at Winbond America. "However, slower transfer rates have limited their acceptance in some applications. The Dual-SPI feature is an effective first step but much higher performance is still needed before Serial Flash can overcome the performance advantages of parallel Flash memories.

“To address this need, Winbond will introduce a new class of high-performance Serial Flash memories later this year. The new family features Quad-SPI with six times the transfer rate of standard Serial Flash and greater performance than most parallel Flash memories. This new line is targeted at applications that execute code directly from the SPI bus to significantly reduce system costs. Winbond will initiate this Quad-SPI family with a 16-megabit Flash memory.”


Serial Flash Market

Web-Feet Research, a leading market research firm tracking the Flash memory industry, projects Serial Flash shipments in 2007 of 1.4 billion units, and greater than 2 billion units by 2009, surpassing parallel NOR Flash unit sales. Over this time period 16Mb and 32Mb Serial Flash applications will grow to 30 percent of the market. As applications migrate from parallel to Serial Flash, performance-enhancing features such as Dual- and Quad-SPI will become increasingly important.


W25X16, W25X32 Ordering Information, Specifications

The W25X16VSSIG (208mil SO8) and W25X32VSSIG (208mil SO8) are now in volume production. Alternate packages, including 16-pin SOIC, 8-pad WSON, 8-pin DIP and Known Good Die (KGD) on wafer, will also be supported. The W25X16 and W25X32 data sheet is available at https://www.winbond.com/hq/product/code-storage-flash-memory/. For specific lead-time, pricing and additional information, contact your local Winbond sales office (visit https://www.winbond.com/hq/about-winbond/locations/ or email Winbond’s Flash marketing group at spiflash_products@winbond.com .

About Winbond

Winbond Electronics Corporation, a world-class leading supplier of IC product solutions, was founded in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan in 1987. The Company has excellent capacity in product design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales services.

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Winbond operates one 300mm wafer fab, two 200mm wafer fabs and one 150mm wafer fab. The company currently employs over 5,000 people and holds more than 2,500 patents worldwide. Winbond also has subsidiaries located in Mainland China, America, Japan and Israel.

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