Winbond releases 256Mb LowPower DRAM

Winbond has launched a range of Low Power DRAM memory components designed to meet the needs of mobile devices. Shown at eMEX 2006 this year is the W988D6E / W988D2E 256MB Low Power DRAM. Its key features are:

LP SDR/DDR will Become Mainstream

In recent years, the main driving force behind the growth of the mobile phone market, conduct by new technologies and application platforms have been commercialized, including digital cameras and MP3 multimedia functions, new 3G communication standard and the development of the Mobile TV; these have led to a wave of phone replacements in a mature market. Mobile devices' specifications have been changing rapidly, this stimulate the demand for memory capacity increasing. Low Power DRAM is exactly what this market requires.

Target Application Market:

The Low Power SDR/DDR SDRAM is designed for mobile devices. This target market includes premium smart phones, mid-range/premium digital cameras, global positioning system (GPS) devices, MP3 players, PDAs and more.

Industry Standard:

Unlike the Pseudo SRAM without uniform standard exists, the Winbond Low Power DRAM conforms to the JEDEC specifications in both functionality and pin definitions, making it easy for users looking for alternative source.

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Sheng-Fu Chen


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