High-bandwidth 1Gb LPDDR3 from Winbond helps latest Kneron KL720 SoC achieve new industry-high 1.4 TOPS throughput in edge AI applications

Winbond supplies the low-power, high-bandwidth 1Gb LPDDR3 DRAM die in the KL720 SoC
Kneron’s KL720 with Winbond DRAM inside sets new industry benchmark for power/performance ratio in edge AI applications

TAICHUNG, Taiwan – September 22, 2020 Winbond Electronics Corporation, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, today revealed that the latest system-on-chip (SoC) from artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer Kneron, the KL720 launched in Aug, includes a 1Gb LPDDR3 DRAM die from Winbond.

Kneron has risen rapidly to prominence in the market for AI processor chips following the launch of its breakthrough product, the KL520 SoC, which combines proprietary software and hardware technologies to achieve very high AI performance while maintaining low power operation. The KL520, in use today in battery-powered applications such as smart locks and drones, includes a 512Mb LPDDR2 from Winbond.

Kneron’s new KL720 SoC opens up a new set of low-power/high-performance applications for AI and machine learning technology, offering a higher maximum output of 1.4 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second), and industry-best performance efficiency of 0.9 TOPS/W.

Winbond’s LPDDR3 DRAM is supplied as a Known Good Die (KGD) and co-packaged with a new Kneron neural processing unit (NPU) in the KL720. Supporting the high throughput and performance efficiency of the KL720, Winbond’s LPDDR3 DRAM offers a maximum bandwidth 8.5GB/s, operates from a dual 1.2V/1.8V supply, and includes power-saving features such as Deep Power-Down mode and a Clock Stop capability.

New in the KL720: simultaneous video and speech processing

Setting a new benchmark for performance in AI applications, the Kneron KL720 is capable of processing 4K, Full HD or 3D sensor video images in real time to support AI applications such as face recognition in security cameras or gesture control in public kiosks. It can also perform natural language processing, so allows for intuitive speech recognition and eliminates the need for pre-defined keywords. The 1.4 TOPS performance is even fast enough to support concurrent real-time video and natural language processing.

Kneron’s determination to set a new standard for edge AI performance underlies its choice of Winbond’s LPDDR3 for the KL720. Albert Liu, founder and CEO of Kneron, says: “Kneron has exhaustively evaluated the DRAM products available today. It is clear to us that Winbond’s LPDDR3 offers the best combination of high bandwidth and low power consumption for the demanding new edge AI applications that the KL720 enables. Just as important as the performance of the silicon, however, is the support that Winbond has given us to help us optimize the interface between our NPU and the DRAM. We are pleased that the relationship with Winbond, which began with the KL520, continues now and into the future with the development of the next-generation product to follow the KL720.”

“With the KL720, Kneron has set a new benchmark for performance and efficiency that no other chip manufacturer, even the giants of our industry, are able to match today. We at Winbond are very proud to be associated with the success of Kneron, and are excited to see a new generation of AI-enabled products come to market based on the KL720 with Winbond DRAM inside,” said Winbond.

Winbond’s LPDDR3 DRAM is in mass production. More information can be found at www.winbond.com

The KL720 is available from Kneron for sampling now. More information can be found at www.kneron.com/solutions/soc


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Established in San Diego in 2015, Kneron is a leading provider of edge AI solutions. It is dedicated to the design and development of integrated software and hardware edge AI solutions for AIoT, smart home, smart surveillance, security, mobile devices, robotics, and industrial control.

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