Winbond announces the First Solar Power Procurement

Winbond Electronics Corporation ("Winbond") announces the signing of a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) with Chenya Energy Co. Ltd. (“Chenya Energy”). The agreement entails the purchase of the entire electricity output, totaling 27MW installed capacity, from Chenya Energy's offshore floating solar photovoltaic project located in Lungwei, Changhua County. Over the five-year contract period, the total electricity supplied is expected to reach 175 million kWh, resulting in carbon reduction benefits equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 490 Daan Forest Parks and meeting the annual electricity consumption needs of around 43,000 households. Through this transaction, Winbond has completed its inaugural sola power procurement and is proactively embracing renewable energy to gradually achieve the goal of net-zero carbon emissions.

Winbond believes business sustains only when the Earth can sustain. In recent years, the company has actively invested in renewable energy projects, signed CPPAs with renewable energy providers, and installed rooftop solar panels, to pursuit renewable energy. Winbond has also introduced the ISO 50001 Energy Management System to systematically assess and analyze energy consumption, thereby enhancing energy efficiency. In addition to these efforts, Winbond promotes the carbon footprint verification and company-wide carbon reduction culture, encouraging employees and suppliers to collaborate on energy conservation and carbon reduction initiatives. In the pursuit of corporate growth, Winbond strives to balance economic success with a commitment to reducing its environmental impact, achieving the goal of sustainable development.



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