Winbond powering AIoT and 8K TV applications with 1Gb LPDDR3 DRAM to embrace new growth opportunities

(HSINCHU, Taiwan –29TH April, 2020) -- With the rapid rise of Internet of Things (IoT) combining with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the emerging application w/ AI engine boosting to be powerful and popular in coming years. To image that the affordable AIoT device can guide people how to enjoy the life, it’s so grateful. 1Gb LPDDR3 is the best partner to assist your AI device to get into this market. Like some emerging solutions, especially those eye catching use cases such as video surveillance, smart home applications, and upcoming 8K TVs are boosting semiconductor demands. In view of this, many IC design and chipset suppliers are developing new-generation SoCs with higher performance and expedite Time-To-Market goals in the most cost-effective manner. In addition, from the overall system design perspective, the DRAM that works with the SoC or microcontroller also requires new options to provide better advantages leveraging the existing Specialty DRAM product series.

High bandwidth and cost advantages create 1Gb LPDDR3 unique market position

Fully understanding these market trends, Winbond Electronics Corporation provides low and middle density memory product families to provide high performance and high speed features to create a successful business model to drive market growth. The existing LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 product lines with specific features to squeeze operation power which is due to LP4x w/ low VDD2=0.6V and FSP(Frequency Set Point) function. For 1Gb x32 LPDDR3, it’s the alternative solution for developing high B/W(8.52GB/s) around 0.3W. This move will help Winbond further expand its product portfolio to respond to the diverse AIoT and ultra-high-resolution display application needs.

Both Winbond’s LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 memory series are completed solution to variety customers. As for data transmission rate getting higher, the lower density memory is adopted like T-Con (Timing Control) of 8K TV panels could leverage LPDDR3 products with x32 or x64 data bandwidth for reaching high performance and cost advantage. These new T-Con chipsets require high speed 1Gb LPDDR3 memories to support key features such as Super Resolution, MEMC and Artificial Intelligence Picture Quality (AI PQ). The LPDDR3 memories used in these SoCs are welcomed by IC design teams.

While looking at popular 8K TV T-con SoC design cases, two or four 1Gb DDR3 x16 memory chips are common arrangement. Winbond suggested to use one or two 1Gb LPDDR3 x32 chips to be better one of the cost-performance solution. This approach could provide data throughput of 8.52GB/s or17.04GB/s to fulfill requirements of IC design and semiconductor suppliers. The obvious benefits will have cost, power saving and, at the same time, reduce the extra issues of DRAM pairing concerns within two memory chips.

In the other hand, considering AI PQ features, what Winbond offerings are providing two 1Gb LPDDR3 x64 memory chips to replace LPDDR4 options. This will help engineering teams not only gaining further cost reduction benefits but also saving product development time. From engineering perspectives, the migration from LPDDR2 to LPDDR3 is much easier than jumping directly from LPDDR2 to LPDDR4. This is because both LPDDR3 and LPDDR2 having 90% of similarity in circuit design. It will massively help to shorten development times and reduce its Time to Market for innovations of the end products.

LPDDR3 will help engineers to expedite time to market

Today’s embedded system developers face challenges to upgrade LPDDR2 memory for new embedded SoC chips. Considering the migration path from LPDDR2 to LPDDR4, the IC design teams will need to invest more resources to deal with more critical signal integrity of LPDDR4 specification under tight timing margins. It is taking a great deal of time to verify and test the new design. And this basically will be a high risk situation while the global coronavirus outbreak causing more people lockdown for many countries. And LPDDR3 approach will have unbeaten advantages with 90% similarity design with LPDDR2. 

Through past 9 months, there are more than 15 Design In & Design Win projects to implement Winbond’s 1Gb LPDDR3 memory into the new SoC design including major IC design customers from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and China in Asia region. The end products will cover AIoT, AI Inference chip, T-Con of 8K TV, AI-enabled video processors, smart speakers, smart video doorbells and mobile POS systems. The great market potential will begin ramping during 2020 and 2021.

The trend to use AI technologies to power the smart applications is ushering in a new era for semiconductor devices and embedded systems that will bring many new opportunities but also many challenges. Winbond is a unique Integrated Device Manufacturer that is dedicated to provide niche DRAM solution with complete and competitive services on KGD (Known-Good-Die). This unique product offering is able to provide the best SiP solution by KGD for various applications. 

With exploiting its advanced design skills and production technologies, Winbond is continually boosting the competitive advantages of its dedicated brand-name products. The completed product series are ranging from Mobile RAM, Specialty DRAM products to Flash memory product lines, which are designed to meet the demands of niche memory market for high-speed memory with low-power consumption. With possession of its own 12-inch wafer fabrication, Winbond keeps pace with the latest technologies to provide cost competitiveness and long-term support for customers.


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Based on Taichung and new Kaohsiung 12-inch fabs in Taiwan , Winbond keeps pace to develop in-house technologies to provide high-quality memory IC products.


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