This is a 256M bit CellularRAM™ compliant products, organized as 16M word by 16 bite; high-speed, CMOS pseudo-static random access memories developed for low-power, portable applications.

Density 256Mb Industrial & Commercial Status Mass Production
Vcc 1.8V/1.8V Frequency Max clock rate 133 MHz
Package 54VFBGA Temperature Range Industrial -40C~85C
Feature List Supports asynchronous and burst operations, Random access time: 70ns, Burst mode READ and WRITE access: 4, 8, 16, or 32 words, or continuous burst, Burst wrap or sequential, tACLK: 5.5ns at 133 MHz, 7ns at 104 MHz, Low-power features: TCR, PAR, DPD
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