Green Manufacturing (E)


Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Winbond Electronics Corp. is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental, safety and health(ESH) performance, and providing a safe and healthy workplace through respecting and caring for workers as well as consultation and participation of workers. We will continuously improve occupational safety, eliminate hazard, protect environment and reduce risk of ESH and property. Besides, health promotion activities took place to strengthen cohesion and develop a company culture of health and sustainability. We will implement appropriate management and best practices to prevent injury and property damage. By effective training and communicating, all employees and contractors shall comply with our ESH requirements, and follow procedures at work. We will continuously improve our ESH performance by reducing work related injury, resource consumption, and pollutants emission. We firmly believe concept of safety, health and environmental protection is the key to be a sustainable enterprise.

ISO 14001 Certification

Certification organization: DQS Inc.

Date of certification: 3 Jul 2019

Valid period: 12 Aug 2019 ~ 11 Aug 2022

Certificate registration No. : 20003544 UM15

Environmental management department: Quality & ESH Center


Energy Management System

Winbond Electronics follows the vision “Be a hidden champion in providing sustainable semiconductors to enrich human life”, implements the responsibility of green manufacturing, reduces the impact on the environment in the process of enterprise operation. While we enhance the value of products, will take into account energy conservation and use efficiency, and invest relevant resources to support equipment energy-saving optimization. We are committed to the goal of social responsibility and sustainable operation.

The Company's energy policy is as follows:


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