Materiality Assessment

Materiality Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement

Winbond is continuing to communicate with stakeholders in a transparent and open manner to identify all sustainability topics of concern and incorporate them into our corporate sustainability blueprint. Winbond conducts a systematic assessment of sustainability topics through surveys based on the GRI Standards, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, market trends and industry characteristics. The distribution and recovery of these surveys are used to collect stakeholder feedback. Sustainability topics are also take into consideration when assessing operational impacts and risks. Material topics can then be identified and given priority in our treatment and response.

Stakeholder and Material Topic Assessment Process

Step 1. Identify Stakeholders 2. Compile Topics of Concern 3. Assess Impact of Topic 4. Confirm Material Topics 5. Examine
Processes A stakeholder identification survey is filled out by the heads of each Winbond department to establish the relevance of each stakeholder to the company and identify material stakeholders. Based on the outcomes of stakeholder identification, surveys or interviews are conducted to etermine the topics of concern and analyze the level of concern. Winbond Senior management then analyze the the impact on corporate operations and effect on risk assessment for each sustainability topic to confirm how each topic impacts on the company. The topics of concern to stakeholders and impact on Winbond are used to construct a material topic matrix based on the assessed outcome for each topic. The matrix is then used to determine their materiality. Once the material topics have been identified, they are examined to ensure that they match the requirements for sustainability context and completeness.
Quantified Performance 7 Types of Stakeholders Identified. 273 Valid Survey Responses. 5位Input from 5 Senior Executives. 8 Material Topics Identified. Meet 100% of the stainability and completeness requirements in this topic.
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