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Community and Social Participation

Public Welfare Promotion

Winbond has been involved in public welfare for many years. “Caring for the socially underprivileged, focusing on environmental sustainability, and fulfilling social responsibilities” define the core CSR values of Winbond. To fulfill the ideals of caring for society, serving the public, and environmental friendliness, Winbond mobilizes internal company resources along with the enthusiasm and compassion of employees for areas such as “caring for children and youths,” “helping the underprivileged,” “promotion of public welfare,” “academic sponsorship,” and “art and cultural activities.” The core capabilities of the industry are channeled into substantive social action. Employee participation is also encouraged to build cohesion, communicate the importance of giving back to society, and set the benchmark for CSR.


Community and Social Participation and Distribution of Resources in 2020


Volunteer Participation for 2016–2020

Participants 1,098
Time Volunteered 1,606 hours

Caring for Children and Youths

Breakfast Program for School Children in Remote Areas


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for school children as it provides the energy they need to attend school and focus in class.

To improve the breakfast situation for children in remote, rural regions, Winbond executives launched a fund-raising drive in 2011 to sponsor breakfast programs for remote elementary schools in Hsinchu and Taichung in partnership with non-profit organizations. The breakfasts and support for remote schools are aimed at sustaining the basic needs and health of school children so they can be physically and mentally equipped to explore the world around them. Winbond provided NT$600,000 in breakfast funding in 2020 to continue supporting healthy learning for school children. Staff was also dispatched by Winbond to examine the benefits of the support program to see if the sponsorship should be continued. The survey results for 2020 found that 90% of school children were satisfied with the breakfast program.

Volunteer Tutoring Services

The Winbond “Silence Club” began visiting local children’s homes to provide clean-up and repairs in 2010. Volunteers were also recruited to provide long-term tutoring services to provide the Taichung Christian Herald Children’s Home and Nantou Ren-Ai Home with long-term tutoring services from September 2015 onwards. These included teaching academically weak children words and reading, as well as strengthening the basics for academically sound children and cultivating their interest in learning. Group recreational activities also expanded children’s horizons through contact with volunteer teachers from different industry backgrounds. Social welfare organizations were directed by the government to suspend tutoring activities for epidemic prevention in the first half of 2020. A total of 24 hours of tutoring service was provided over 24 volunteer sessions when the epidemic situation eased.

Film Appreciation for Children’s Homes

Winbond has been inviting children from children’s homes to the cinema over the winter and summer breaks since 2010. The sessions help introduce children at children’s homes or from single-parent families to the value of mixed arts and cultivate their artistic appreciation ability. The fun atmosphere also makes them feel like a part of society. A total of 335 children from children’s homes were treated to the movies in 2020.

Helping the Underprivileged

Volunteering at Children’s Homes

Since the Silence Club was founded at Winbond in 2010, the 50 volunteers for “volunteering at children’s homes” ranging from senior executives to entry-level employees as well as their friends and families have pitched in, as well to help children’s homes with cleaning up their environment, soliciting/donating receipts, and funding the replacement of damaged facilities. These efforts help children’s homes with their staffing shortages and alleviate some of their facility costs. Volunteering for clean-ups at children’s homes was suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19. Over 115 m2 of damaged flooring was also replaced at children’s homes to provide the children with a safe environment.

Skills Training Program for Children’s Homes

Winbond began supporting the skills program at the Taichung Christian Herald Children’s Home in 2018. The program teaches children life skills such as carpentry and drumming. A total of 447 managers and employees participated in the program during 2020. Total investment including teacher and equipment costs amounted to $758,500. Learning about carpentry and drumming significantly improved the children’s concentration and patience. Their self-identity and self-confidence were strengthened as well.

Fundraising for Tuition Assistance

Statistics from the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) indicated that around 14,000 elementary students in Taiwan apply for tuition assistance each year. There is a gap of around 700 places in regular sponsorship funding. These amount to $2,000 per place each semester, or $2.8 million per year in total. To supplement education resources for children from impoverished families so they can attend school on a regular basis, Winbond has collaborated with TFCF since 2017 by inviting employees to raise funds for tuition assistance. An enthusiastic response from everyone including the company president and entry-level employees raised $2,976,000 from 877 donors in 2020. The amount is sufficient to support 744 elementary school students for a whole year!

Item 2018 2019 2020
Number of Donors 803 834 877
Number of Beneficiaries 625 721 744

Emergency Relief for Employees

Winbond treats every employee with empathy as every employee represents a family. Employees are the pillars of their families, and each family contributes to social stability. In the spirit of mutual support, brotherly love and empathy, if an employee or their family member experiences an emergency such as injury, disability, death or accident that impacts on their livelihood, emergency relief and loans are available from Winbond . These help employees tide over their financial difficulties and provide temporary support for their lifestyle so they and their families can continue to work and live normally. A total of 229 employees applied for $507,000 in emergency relief during 2020.

Promotion of Public Welfare

Medical Public Welfare

Winbond and the Walsin Group’s affiliated companies jointly donated NT$50 million to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital to purchase cutting-edge equipment including heavy particles for the development of new radiotherapy and precision medicine treatments, smart medicine, and cancer treatment research. The equipment will begin installation and testing once the new center is completed in June 2020. Once commissioned, it will hopefully offer the public new hope through advanced cancer therapy and provide cancer patients with better radiotherapy quality. This act of corporate philanthropy will hopefully inspire more people to join in improving the standard of healthcare throughout the nation.

Blood Donation

“Donate a bag of blood and save a life!” Winbond has been organizing blood donation drives in partnership with the “Taiwan Blood Services Foundation” since 2010, and hoseted the event for 10 consecutive years with 50 events. Up to now we has raised nearly 1,536,000 c.c. of blood, 6,584 bags of blood and 4,143 participants to date. Hot-blooded Winbond employees have all developed the habit of donating blood regularly. Through their actions, Winbond employees embody the high value placed on life in our corporate philosophy and help strengthen the domestic blood supply for healthcare. A total of 3 blood donation events were held in 2020 with 440 bags of blood donated by 269 people.

Academic Sponsorship

Winbond demonstrates its support for the IC industry by continuing to sponsor symposiums that create new opportunities for technological exchange. The hosting of the International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Applications (VLSI-TSA) helped to accelerate the upgrading of Taiwan’s information and communications industry as well as encourage the domestic/international exchange of technologies and industrial techniques. We also regularly sponsor large technology management seminars organized by the Chinese Society for Management Of Technology (CSMOT). The seminars provide an avenue for active involvement in academic, industry, research and government partnerships. In 2020, Winbond began supporting the Pan Wen Yuan Foundation, an advocate for semiconductor, information and communications technologies. The sponsorships and exchanges will hopefully provide further encouragement to talented researchers in the semiconductor, information, communications and optoelectronics fields so scientists can realize their ideals through innovation and enthusiasm.


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