Board Diversity Policy

"Integrity" is the highest ethical standard of Winbond.


The Board of Directors is Winbond's highest governance body. The 13th-term Board of Directors consists of 11 directors. The Board includes 4 independent directors and 3 female directors. Directors who do not hold managerial positions in the Company make up more than two thirds of board members. All board members are highly experienced in business operations. The ages of board members cover different generations and their professional background covers different industries. All board members possess the ability to perform their duties and to give constructive feedback and make recommendations for corporate strategies.Directors Walsin Lihwa Corporation and Chin-Xin Investment Co., Ltd are the main shareholders of the company. Walsin Lihwa Corporation is the founder of the Company, also the largest shareholder and a director since Company's inception.

Main Duties Of The Board

  1. The board of directors has the responsibility to supervise the company's managers, maintain transparency of financial and operating information, and disclose important information timely for shareholders and investors.
  2. The board of directors assists in the establishment of various organizations, such as Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee, and establishes effective and appropriate corporate rules and internal control systems.
  3. The board of directors listens to the company management team's report for the operation and financial status on a quarterly basis to supervise the managers to update the business plan and annual budget in real time, and evaluate the performance of the management team and appoint and remove managers.
  4. Resolve major events of the company (such as capital expenditures, major transactions and contracts, investment, and dividend surplus compensation, etc.) in order to comply with legal requirements

Director Introduction

  • Arthur Yu-Cheng ChiaoChairman


    Mr. Arthur Yu-Cheng Chiao has acted as Chairman of Winbond since 1987, and concurrently serves as CEO. Previously, Mr. Chiao has also held various positions in industry, associations, and many other organizations. From 2008 to 2019, Mr. Chiao served as Chairman of Nuvoton Technology Corporation; from 1986 to 1994, he served as Chairman of Walsin Lihwa Corporation. In addition, he served as Chairman of Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (TEEMA) from 2007 to 2013. In 2019, he won the ERSO Award and was elected as one of the Laureates of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Mr. Chiao graduated from the Department of Communications Engineering of National Chiao Tung University, and holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington.

  • Chin-Xin Investment Co., Ltd(Representative: Tung-Yi Chan )Vice Chairman


    Mr. Tung-Yi Chan was promoted to Winbond’s Deputy CEO in March 2020, and prior to that was President. Mr. Chan has served as Senior Engineer at Intel, Technical Manager at Cypress, Technical Manager at Siliconix, Vice President of Winbond Sales Center, and CEO of BCD Semiconductor. He has more than 33 years of professional experience in the technical and management fields. Mr. Chan holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley and a master’s degree in Management from Stanford University.

  • Yung ChinDirector


    Ms. Yung Chin currently serves as the Chairman of Theaceae Conservation Corporation. Ms. Chin has served in various positions in Winbond, including Vice President of the Knowledge and Information Management unit from 2002 to 2006; Chief Auditor in 2001; and Vice President of the Finance Center from 1998 to 2000. In the year that Ms. Chin had served as Vice President of the Finance Center, she was elected as Best Financial Officer of the year. Prior to joining Winbond, Ms. Chin served as Chief Auditor at Walsin Lihwa Corporation. She has more than 30 years of professional experience in the field. Ms. Chin graduated from the Department of Mathematics from National Taiwan University, and holds a Master Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington.

  • Allen HsuIndependent Director


    Mr. Allen Hsu is currently the Chairman of Unus Tech Co., Ltd., and 3R Life Sciences Taiwan Ltd. He also serves as Independent director of NUVOTON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION,and Board Director of Innodisk Corporation, and ACME ELECTRONICS CORPORATION. Mr. Hsu has been a member of the Yulon Group since September 1989. He has served as Special Advisor to the Chairman, Executive Vice President of Yulon Motor Co., Ltd, and Deputy Managing Director of Yulon Group. His primary responsibilities include the Group’s mainland China development strategy, new car development and business diversification etc. These positions were held up to his retirement in 2012. During his tenure, Mr. Hsu also served as Chairman of several listed companies of the Group including Taiwan Acceptance Corp., Taiwan Mask Corporation, Altek Corporation, Myson Century Inc., and Antek Semiconductor Corp. Prior to taking office in the Yulon Group, Mr. Hsu was active in the banking industry. From 1978 to 1989, he headed Credit Department, Corporate Banking, and Investment Banking of Chase Manhattan Bank Taipei Branch and Bankers Trust Bank Taipei Branch, respectively. Mr. Hsu has also served as Deputy Chairman of the Taiwan Venture Capital Association (TVCA). Mr. Hsu graduated from the Department of Management Science of National Chiao Tung University, and holds an MBA from National Chengchi University. He has the honor of being recognized as an outstanding alumnus of Chiao Tung University, as an outstanding CFO Award by Taiwan’s Financial Executives Institute, and with the Lu Feng-Zhang Memorial Medal for Superior Management Award by the Taiwan Management Science Association.

  • Stephen T. Tso Independent Director


    Dr. Stephen T. Tso served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of information technology/materials and risk management at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) from 2004 up to his retirement in 2018. He has also held various managerial positions in operational organizations and subsidiaries within TSMC Group, including the Chairman and CEO of TSMC Solid State Lighting Co., Ltd. and TSMC Solar Co., Ltd. from 2014 to 2015, President of Wafertech LLC. from 2001 to 2005,  Senior Vice President of Operations at TSMC from 1998 to 2001,  Senior Vice President of TSMC's Worldwide Sales & Marketing from 1997 to 1998, and Vice President of R&D/technology development at TSMC from 1996 to 1997. Before joining TSMC, Mr. Tso served as President of the Metal CVD Division and CVD II-Advanced Technology Division at the world's largest semiconductor supplier, Applied Materials, Inc. He was Fab Manager and Vice President at SGS-Thomson Microelectronics from 1989 to 1994. Before that, Mr. Tso served at Texas Instruments. Mr. Tso graduated from the Department of Physics at National Taiwan University and holds a master's degree and a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Chung-Ming KuanIndependent Director


    Mr. Chung-Ming Kuan has served as Associate Professor (with tenure) of University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign ,and Professor of National Taiwan University ,and Distinguished esearch Fellow and Director of Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica ,and Minister without Portfolio of Executive Yuan ,and Minister of Council for Economic Planning And Development, Executive Yuan ,and Minister of National Development Council ,and President of National Taiwan University. Mr. Chung-Ming Kuan currently serves as NTU University Chair Professor of Department of Finance, National Taiwan University. Mr. Kuan holds a PhD in Economics from University of California (San Diego).

  • Jong-Peir LiIndependent Director


    Mr. Jong-Peir Li is the current Chairperson of TCC Information Systems Corporation. Mr. Li has served as the President of TCC, President of Ho-Ping Power Company and President of TCC Energy Storage Technology Corporation. Prior to the experiences in the manufacturing industry, Mr. Li had around 24 years in the financial industry and had served as the CEO & President of HSBC Taiwan, the SEVP and Head of Markets at CTBC Bank and the Financial Markets Head and Country Treasurer of Citibank Taiwan.

    Mr. Li holds a Ph.D. from National Chengchi University, MS Information Technology Management from Johns Hopkins University and MBA, Finance from The George Washington University.

  • Walsin Lihwa Corporation(Representative: Fred Pan)Director


    Mr. Pan became President of Walsin Lihwa in 2019, responsible for assisting the Chairman of the company in business strategy planning and implementation. Before joining Walsin Lihwa, Mr. Pan was the CFO of Philips Semiconductors Asia Pacific, CFO of the sales and marketing division of Philips Semiconductors Taiwan. Mr. Pan is an MBA from Tulane University.

  • Jamie LinDirector


    Mr. Jamie Lin is currently President of Taiwan Mobile, Chairman and Partner of AppWorks, and Board Director of momo.com. Mr. Lin is committed to the startup industry. From 2009, he has published articles on MR JAMIE online blog, providing inspirations to millions of readers worldwide in the startup community. In the same year, he co-founded AppWorks, one of the leading startup accelerators and venture capital firms in the Greater Southeast Asia. In 1999, Mr. Lin co-founded the e-commerce startup company Hotcool.com that eventually evolved into Intumit, a successful AI software-as-a-service company. In 1999, he co-founded Sosauce.com that evolved into Muse Games. In addition, Mr. Lin has actively contributed to society. He serves as the Executive Director of the Taiwan Internet and E-Commerce Association (TiEA), co-convener of the Asian Silicon Valley Civic Advisory Committee, and member of the Executive Yuan’s Digi+ group. Mr. Lin received his BS in Chemical Engineering (with a minor in Economics) from National Taiwan University and an MBA from NYU Stern.

  • Wei-Hsin Ma Director


    Ms. Wei-Hsin Ma is currently CEO and Chairman of HannsTouch Holdings Company (symbol:3049), Chairman of Golden Apple Investment Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Glory Stone Inc.She also serves as Board Director of Walsin Lihwa Corporation. Ms. Ma served as Chairman of HannStar Display Corp. from March 2012 to March 2015, and Chairman of Yuanta Securities Investment Trust Co., Ltd. from August 1998 to July 2011. Ms. Ma graduated from the Department of East Asian Language at the University of California, Berkeley.She also holds a PhD from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tsinghua University and an Executive MBA from Peking University in China.



    Ms. Elaine Chang currently serves as the General Manager of International Business Development for Chia Hsin RMC Corp.(Taiwan). she is also assigned to be Vice President of LDC Holtels & Resorts Group.

    From 2004 to 2016, Elaine worked as a Magazine Business Manager for Time Inc (New York) Between 2009 to 2016, she was the Financial Manager of Greater China for Alphabet Inc. (previously known as Google) in both New York and Singapore. 

    Elaine graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Wellesley College (Boston) and received an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Board Diversity Policy

Article 20 of the Corporate Governance Code of Practice stipulates that the structure of the Company's board of directors should take into account the company's business development scale, major shareholders' shareholding and the diversity of members. etc.), gender, age, nationality, culture or field of work, etc., and consider the needs of practical operations to determine the appropriate number of directors with more than 5 people.

The specific management objectives of the 13th (112-115) Board of Directors Diversification Policy:

(1)More than 1/2 of the seats of independent directors shall have a consecutive term of no more than 3 terms: achieve

(2)Increase the number of female directors from 2 to 3: achieve

(3)The number of directors who concurrently act as a manager is less than 1/5 of all directors:achieve

(4)Maintain 2 major shareholder seats:achieve


Board Diversity Policy
PositionNameGenderDiversification itemsPercentage of
all directors
Proportion of
directors to all
Proportion of
directors as
to all
Age distribution
MaleFemaleOver 50
years old
Under 50
years old
Chairman Arthur Yu-Cheng Chiao Male 73% 27% 36% 27% 82% 18%
Vice Chairman Chin-Xin Investment Co., Ltd
(Representative:Tung-Yi Chan)
Director Yung Chin Female
Independent Director Allen Hsu Male  
Independent Director Stephen T. Tso Male    ✔
Independent Director  Chung-Ming Kuan Male      
Independent Director   Jong-Peir Li Male  ✔  
Director Walsin Lihwa Corporation
(Representative: Fred Pan )
Director Jamie Lin Male
Director Wei-Hsin Ma Female  ✔

Performance Evaluation of Board of Directors

The Fifth Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ninth Term of the company (December 21, 2011) formulated the " Rules for Remuneration and Performance Assessment of Directors and Supervisors ", and established the performance evaluation system of the board of directors to measure the works of directors guiding the Company's strategic directions and overseeing the Company's operations and management so as to help increase the long-term shareholder value. The staff in charge of board meeting affairs will compile the results and submit the results to the Remuneration Committee and the Board of Directors, and based on which, draw up the Board of Directors performance enhancement plan. In order to strengthen the operational efficiency of the board of directors, the Twenty-Second Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Eleventh Term of the company (April 30, 2020) amended the company’s "Rules for Remuneration of Directors and Performance Assessment of the Board of Directors ", and clearly stipulated that an external professional organization will be appointed to conduct board performance every three years. For relevant information, please see the 2022 Annual Report .


External Board's performance evaluation

In 2011, the company entrusted an external organization "Taiwan Corporate Governance Associationn" to evaluate the effectiveness of the board of directors. The company reported the evaluation results and improvement plans at the 2022/12/14 board meeting.

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